Recruiting Notes 7.0 - The Summer of Thad 2022

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    Exactly. Let's remember that Butler traditionally is still a school that usually looks for talent that hasn't blown up yet and tries to pounce on them before others take notice, there are plenty of players that fit that description we would've loved to have had. Scouting for diamonds in the rough are what Butler coaches in the past have always done, and I don't think that ends with Matta, the only difference now is that Matta has the recognition and accolades to make Butler far more appealing than what LaVall ever could.
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    Wow, this table makes me kinda sad. Transfers happen and players leave, of course. Can't turn back the clock ... but a healthy Brunk playing with Tucker, AT, Nze & Chuck sure would have been a solid starting 5 for LJ.
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    True, but then how much would he have gotten out of that lineup? It boggles my mind sometimes to think of big name coaches who in reality are mediocre; the ones that have great, talented players on their team whose expectations were lowered simply because they had coaches that didn't know how to put them in the best position to succeed. I feel bad for some of the bad breaks that came LaVall's way, but I selfishly think of how in hindsight it was probably for the best, we wouldn't have changed course the way we are currently if it weren't for his poor luck.
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    That is one strange chart. It purports to show class but the class shown appears not to be actual class but class taking into consideration years of eligibility left. For example, for the 2021-22 season, it shows JMM as a sophomore even though he was a junior and using his third year of eligibility. The same for Ali Ali.

    However, it shows Bo Hodges as a junior in 2021-22, suggesting that he has a year of eligibility left. In fact, 2021-22 was his fifth year of playing and he has no eligibility remaining. Campbell Donovan played four seasons before graduating, although, due to the COVID exemption, he would have been eligible to play in 2021-22. He is listed as a junior.

    With regard to the retention issue, in the senior class, it shows two players who did not use all eligibility at Butler: Brunk, who had personal issues, and Tucker, who decided to forego his senior season and "turn pro". It would have been nice to have had Brunk (assuming his attitude was right--a big assumption), but his leaving likely had more to do with his personal situation than Butler. As for Tucker, I would have loved to have had him for the 2020-21 season and, as it turned out, he could have come back last season. He could have made a big difference. But he had priorities totally unrelated to basketball and college. Still, I'm glad he was recruited as a transfer for the contributions that he made while playing for Butler.

    For the junior class (as listed in the chart), Donovan played four years as a walk-on and graduated. Although he entered the transfer portal, he did not transfer and never played for anyone else. He just moved into the business world where, I have no doubt, he will be very successful. Cooper Neese transferred before playing a minute at Butler. He apparently found a home at Indiana State and has done well for them. It is unknowable how he would have fared at a higher level of competition. His calling card was as a three-point shooter. His record at Indiana State has been mixed; in order over his four years, he has shot 38%, 32%, 39%, and 29% from three-point range. JGB transferred to Elon, which probably is a better match for his talents and, more importantly, his athleticism.

    Of the five, Tucker could have been a significant contributor, Brunk could have helped, although only with a change of attitude (I know there are a lot of never-Brunkers out there), and Neese might have contributed as a sniper but would have needed to be more consistent. I loved JGB, but he probably never was going to be a significant contributor. As for Campbell, as a walk-on, by all accounts he led the scout team admirably in practice, which is just what he was expected to do.

    IMHO, JGB probably should not have been recruited; the other four all made or probably could have made contributions.

    Is that a lot of turnover? Maybe from an historical standpoint at Butler. But it's nothing like we're seeing now or likely will see now that the portal floodgates have opened.
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    When considering recruiting and transfers we need to remember that the current kids on this team have been coached and developed by a group of unproven and inexperienced coaches these last 5 years. Outside of Lavall and Jeff Meyer there was very little solid experience on the staff.
    I bring this up because, while we all want to get excited about players brought in moving forward, you may find that the kids currently on the team substantially improve with some solid coaching and development. One thing I noticed the last 5 years was that there was very little improvement in skill and performance of players from one year to the next. No one seemed to get any better. Anyone see Aaron Thompson develop a jump shot?
    My hope is that Thad brings in some quality transfers (Ali Ali) and a few strong recruits and mixes that with the best of what’s already in the locker room for a solid chance at the tournament in the next two years.
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    Sun is shining…Masters Sunday…spring in Butler fanbase’s step…feels like a good day to be a Dawg.
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    Heard some interesting interesting rumors yesterday that I shrugged off - but maybe you are hearing hearing the same?
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    Come on, Cheer and Hoss... spill! :)
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    I’ll share with you my go-to hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in Indy area if you share what you have…

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    May god have mercy on that toilet if big hoss catches wind of it.

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    Ok twitter hackers, who are we watching from West Coast Elite 17u SoCal? Twice in two days.
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    You would be doing the entire board (well, me anyway) a major service if you share the name of your go-to Chinese restaurant. Hole-in-the-wall joints are usually the best, and Indy has had such a shortage of really good Chinese places for a while now. Have been "settling" recently on meh cuisine when I get the oriental urge. Sorry, I have no juicy BU basketball gossip to share. Think about it. 谢谢你 = Thank you.
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    Lotus Garden opens in it's new location this week. Try the Egg Foo Yung.
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    Or the sum yung gy...
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    Rumors? I think we should be sharing these rumors. Don’t be a tease lol
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    What I wouldn't give to have some of the connections some of you have! Haha
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    With great power come great responsibility.

    All we ask is that the more informed be a little less responsible. ;)
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