Robby Carmody - 2018 Shooting Guard (Offered)

Discussion in '2018 Recruiting Profiles' started by Jared Grubbs, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. the_speakers_lab

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    Two thoughts:
    1. To the disdain of many, if we did want to get more involved Carmody's recruitment, this would appear to help...

    2. So much #facepalm Georgetown, completely blind statement bc I don't completely know their situation but sooo much #facepalm Georgetown. It wasn't even mentioned for a top 50 player in the DMV when that was one of your new coach's main goals
  2. Hinkle

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  3. MIBulldog

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    No mention of Butler. Maryland, Notre Dame, Purdue, Michigan and Pitt all mentioned.

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  4. UDDawg

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    Sounds like archive material.
  5. Insane Dawg

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    He seems somewhat redundant to what we have coming in.

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