Rudi Williams - 2022 Guard Transfer (BYU)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by mass_dawgs, Apr 11, 2022.

  1. Mr X

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  2. willisbrown

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    Welp, no more sex for him.
  3. pjohnsto2003

    pjohnsto2003 Well-Known Member

    Define “sex”

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  4. BulldogsFTW

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    Is let it soak still a Mormon thing?

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  5. willisbrown

    willisbrown Well-Known Member

    I would but I'd most likely get banned. If Jared even bans people.

    In general though, I'd say entering one sexual organ into another, which is forbidden in the LDS world until marriage. The name slips my mind but remember, maybe like 2014 or 2015ish, their second best player to Jimmer got suspended/kicked off right before the tournament because they found him playing hide the sausage with his fiance...or girlfriend...or some girl.
  6. PSUButlerFan

    PSUButlerFan Well-Known Member

    F Brandon Davies!

    It was the year Florida beat BYU in the Sweet 16 and then Butler beat Florida in the Elite 8. 2011.
  7. willisbrown

    willisbrown Well-Known Member

    Bingo. And that dude was good. I respect everyone's beliefs and what not, but, I don't have to agree with them. Dude got ripped of a tournament appearance on a damn good team who probably had a run in them.......................................................because he had sex. In college. That's simply silly.
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  8. Shark

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    I get that, I do. I also get that the ridiculous rule was known to him when he went there, and he still went there. He was good enough I can't think BYU was his only option out of high school. Is it a case of "make darned sure you don't break this rule in way we can't ignore", like "no visitation after 2 am" was in Ross Hall in the 1990's?
  9. ButlerHomer

    ButlerHomer Well-Known Member

    It was exactly that case because his girlfriend got pregnant iirc
  10. butlerguy03

    butlerguy03 Well-Known Member

    Like sneaking out of Clare Hall at Marian College. Fun times.
  11. Staxawax

    Staxawax Well-Known Member

    Jim McMahon was dismissed from BYU right after their bowl game his senior year.

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