Sean McDermott - 2015 Shooting Guard (Signed)

Discussion in 'Former Bulldogs' started by Jared Grubbs, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Opportunity cost should still has to be accounted for. Citing per game stats blindly doesn’t tell the whole story of their two situations this season. I think McD and Cline are basically the player same except McD is a better rebounder. However I don’t think it really can be compared until after their careers, but that’s not the way the hot take world exists
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    The only area I give Cline a distinct advantage is 1 on 1 defense. Other than that its either even or a wash or McD In front

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    Didn’t Cline get high and pass out in his car or something?

    I know he’s not a bad kid, but McD hasn’t had any issues, and you have to give that a bit of weight.
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    Sean was fantastic at the end of the year. Credit to him for working hard. His shot last year was not good and now his stroke is money. And he still has his timely put backs. Just need him to put on some weight.

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    Sean added quite a bit of ink this summer!

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    Wish I could read it
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    Copy the entire thing and post on the board.

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    If you download the app you get 3 free articles a month. Choose wisely.

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    According to an Indy Star sports article of 2,249 college basketball players Sean is the second most efficient offensive player at 148.6 just behind Darius Day at LSU 149.5.
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    Sean is now the most efficient offensive player. Just wished he’d put up more shots
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  13. theenforcer13

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    People laughed at me in the Baldwin thread when I said opponents are keying in on stopping McD first. His inability to get up more shots lends credence to this viewpoint.
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    Sean is more easily erased, much like Kellen was, because he can only score at one level (3PT range) with the ball in his hands. That does not mean he is the focal point of opponents defense. When we see a Big East team deploy their best defender on Sean, rather than someone who can just chase him around the perimeter, your point would carry weight.

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    It’s funny you say that since last game he hit 2 3’s, one pull up jumper and a back cut to the basket. I’d say they are coached to guard them both pretty heavily. Why is this even a dispute?

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  16. firedupkaren

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    It’s obvious that you have a personal connection to Sean, and I respect that. I’m not attacking or disparaging Sean. He’s an amazing player and key reason for Butler’s success this season. Him simply being on the court makes Butler’s entire offense so dynamic because of the space it creates for others.

    With that said, this is a debate because thenforcer made a comment in the post about Kamar & LaVall that Sean was the focal point of our opponents’ scouting reports and not Kamar. And the point was implying that either Kamar is taking or being allowed too much usage. I disagreed (still do) with that take. The point was continued here and I wanted to respond.

    Sean’s super high efficiency is a product of two things. One, he’s been crazy good at scoring this year, but equally impactful is his inability to get more shots up. Again, this goes back to my point that he is more easily erased in a coaches’ game plan. The scout on Sean? “ Don’t leave him”. That’s really it. Again that’s not to disparage Sean. But if we were able to simply give Sean the ball and ask him to double his usage we would see his efficiency numbers decline, that’s just math. If we didn’t see the numbers decline, Sean would be a lottery pick.

    The scout on Kamar is undoubtedly more complex than just preventing him from catching the ball open on the perimeter, and that is all i was saying.

    Sean scoring on a back cut, or a pump fake three, one dribble pull up are both great plays when your defender is overplaying. As I noted, Sean’s defender is almost always overplaying so he does not get more 3PAs. That does not equate to Sean being able to score on all three levels like Kamar.

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  17. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    Well over the past three games only one of those two has scored at all three levels. And that player moved up to the number one offensively efficient college player out of over 2000 players.
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  18. firedupkaren

    firedupkaren Well-Known Member

    You don't know what scoring at all three levels means. You have to have the ball. Again, if we could give Sean the ball and ask him to simply create more shots for himself, we would do that. We can't.
  19. godogs91

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    As I read these two posts, I think the disconnect is scoring at all three levels vs getting one's own shot at all three levels. I went and looked at this morning in search of a little clarity on the subject. What I found, after adding some formulas of my own, were these comparisons:

    Shots at Rim
    Baldwin: 37 attempts (21.6% of total), 21 made (29.6% of total), 56.8% made, 6 assisted (28.6%)
    McDermott: 21 attempts (23.6% of total), 16 made (32.7% of total), 76.2% made, 11 assisted (68.8%)

    2-pt shots
    Baldwin: 81 attempts (47.4% of total), 32 made (45.1% of total), 39.5% made, 3 assisted (9.4%)
    McDermott: 7 attempts (7.9% of total), 4 made (8.2% of total), 57.1% made, 1 assisted (25%)

    3-pt shots
    Baldwin: 53 attempts (31.0% of total), 18 made (25.4% of total), 34.0% made, 13 assisted (72.2%)
    McDermott: 61 attempts (68.5% of total), 29 made (59.2% of total), 47.5% made, 27 assisted (93.1%)

    Baldwin: 171 attempts, 71 made, 41.5% made, 22 assisted (31.0%)
    McDermott: 89 attempts, 49 made, 55.1% made, 39 assisted (79.6%)

    Takeaways: Not a huge surprise probably to many, but the big difference in Baldwin and McDermott's games are the 2-pt shots not at the rim. Baldwin has taken almost as many shots there as McDermott has taken in total. Additionally, Baldwin has only 31% of his made shots assisted, while Sean has almost 80%. That tells me Baldwin is creating his own shot much more, either out of necessity or within the framework of the offense, while McDermott is getting his more in catch-and-shoot or layup situations. I think a lot of that also has to do with the way the offense is designed, but it also has somewhat to do with the fact that Sean either isn't willing or comfortable putting the ball on the floor and creating his own shot, or it could be he has been told not to by the staff.
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    Read my first sentence. Let’s not end the year being abrasive.
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