Sean McDermott - 2015 Shooting Guard (Signed)

Discussion in 'Current Butler Players' started by Jared Grubbs, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Opportunity cost should still has to be accounted for. Citing per game stats blindly doesn’t tell the whole story of their two situations this season. I think McD and Cline are basically the player same except McD is a better rebounder. However I don’t think it really can be compared until after their careers, but that’s not the way the hot take world exists
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    The only area I give Cline a distinct advantage is 1 on 1 defense. Other than that its either even or a wash or McD In front

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    Didn’t Cline get high and pass out in his car or something?

    I know he’s not a bad kid, but McD hasn’t had any issues, and you have to give that a bit of weight.
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    Sean was fantastic at the end of the year. Credit to him for working hard. His shot last year was not good and now his stroke is money. And he still has his timely put backs. Just need him to put on some weight.

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    Sean added quite a bit of ink this summer!

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