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    Overall Grade: B+

    Fan Grade: B+

    Traditional Stats (Team Rank)
    6.6 Points (7th)
    1.4 Rebounds (8th)
    4.0 Assists (1st)
    2-point FG%: 60.5% (4th)
    3-point FG%: 39.3% (3rd)

    Expectations for Tyler Lewis were fairly low entering the season after he shot just 39% as a junior and lost his starting job despite being the only point guard on the roster. Lewis again entered the season as the starting point guard and once again was removed from the starting lineup midway through, but that’s about the extent of the similarities between his two seasons at Butler. This season Coach Holtmann got the electrifying point guard he thought he was getting when he recruited Tyler Lewis as a transfer from North Carolina State.

    Offensive Grade: A

    Advanced Offensive Stats
    True Shooting Percentage: 63.7% (2nd)
    Offensive Rebounding Percentage: 1.6% (7th)
    Assist Percentage: 32.6% (1st)
    Turnover Percentage: 15.9% (8th)
    Usage Percentage: 14.9% (8th)
    Offensive Rating: 133.8 (2nd)

    No doubt about it the offensive end is where Tyler Lewis shined. It’s been a long time since Butler has had a true offensive point guard, and the impact he had was obvious to anyone watching. The ball movement was outstanding and it showed up in the box score. Butler’s 2-point field goal percentage jumped 1.7% and 3-point percentage jumped 8% while Lewis was in the game. Butler’s points per possession soared offensively with Lewis running the point, jumping from 1.05 to 1.19.

    The individual offensive numbers were also outstanding for Lewis. His remarkable 4.15 assist to turnover ratio was second in the nation to only Monte Morris of Iowa State. He was 4th in the Big East in assists despite averaging less than 22 minutes per game. His 133.8 offensive rating was 2nd in the Big East amongst qualified players and he finished 7th in the Big East in win shares/40 minutes. He didn’t scare anybody in warmups, but it’s been nearly a decade since anyone ran the Butler offense as well as Lewis did.

    Defensive Grade: B-

    Advanced Defensive Stats

    Defensive Rebounding Percentage: 6.7% (9th)
    Steal Percentage: 1.8% (3rd)
    Block Percentage: 0.2% (9th)
    Defensive Box Plus/Minus: 0.2 (9th)
    Defensive Rating: 106.9 (9th)

    Lewis was certainly not great on defense, but he may have been one of the most underrated defenders in the country. He carried a reputation of being a terrible defender, and it’s easy to see why. He was dead last on the team in 4 of the 5 advanced defensive stats listed above. Lewis was 3rd in steals, but that rank can be a little deceiving as he was closer to 8th place than he was 2nd. Big East point guards were usually bigger or quicker than Tyler and he was physically outmatched in most games.

    That being said, Lewis did a pretty good job of working within his limitations. He avoided gambling on defense and generally kept good positioning and stayed in front of his man. Yes, at times he gave up baskets to players who could simply jump over him to shoot or power through him at the rim, but it wasn’t near the issue it was made out to be. Butler actually gave up fewer points per possession while Lewis was on the floor than any other guard on the roster. It’s already been discussed in the Nate Fowler report card how that stat can be misleading, as Holtmann certainly played matchups that gave Lewis an advantage, but it doesn’t make the stat meaningless either. Again, Lewis was not an asset on the defensive end, but he certainly didn’t give back near the value he provided on the offensive end.

    2017-2018 Impact

    Andrew Chrabscz might be the best player leaving Butler, but the departure of Tyler Lewis may have the greatest impact. Butler has multiple options to replace Chrabascz, but there are no returning point guards from last season and no incoming freshman at the position. Only transfer Paul Jorgensen is listed as a point guard for next year. The coaching staff is searching all avenues for another lead guard, but as of right now, Butler is going to miss Tyler Lewis more than anyone.

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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Jared Grubbs, Apr 17, 2017.

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