Seton Hall Pirates (9-6, 6-3) at Butler Bulldogs (5-7, 4-5), Friday, 1/22, 9:00 PM EST (FS1)

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by ButlerNut, Jan 20, 2021.

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    You called it.
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  3. Dawgedd

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    It’s actually not meaningless. While it can and does happen, it is extremely rare, especially within a few months of recovery. Within 6 months, there were only 2 reinfections out of 12k health care workers (

    This is subject to change as the virus evolves but currently reinfection is a negligible phenomenon that is disproportionately in the headlines.

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  4. Dawgedd

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    Really sucks for the team. I think this could have been prevented.

    What probably happened: tier 1 tests positive with rapid test that the team is getting 3+ times a week. Only 1 positive and no known contact or symptoms so suspicion is false +. So they do a pcr test which takes a couple days to turnaround and have to cancel in the interim.

    What they should have done (and presumably they have access to) is to immediately repeat the rapid 15 minute test and they would have gotten a much quicker answer.

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  5. UDDawg

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    As the other thread shows, questioning their process is not allowed. Shame on you.
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  6. willisbrown

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    Bingo. I'm not sure why teams don't do this when a positive pops up...especially knowing they have access to it. Call me silly but I'm under the mindset of if one guy/coach gets it...others will have it because of so much time spent together and the physical nature of the sport which they if only one person tested positive, the rest negative, it screams to me false positive. Pulling the quick trigger to postpone a game and activities for only one test? Seems odd to me. Purdue just had a dude test positive, one, followed procedure and still played last night.
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    You mean to tell me that different schools have different policies?
  8. BUcheer

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    Would think protocol after a rapid test is the PCR, so you just have to wait it out.
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  9. CMG

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    So which test would you have believed? The positive rapid test or the negative rapid test?
    The fact remains; you have a positive test. Your choice to believe a negative test does not erase the positive test.

    If you got food poisoning from the taco cart would you keep going back? I would get tacos from Qdoba instead, even if it took longer.
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  10. Dawgedd

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    Let me clarify: I would run 2 consecutive tests—that combined with no other positives and no known contacts would be enough IMO. And this would take 30-45 minutes.

    False positives are expected when running so many tests and along with contact tracing and other epi data can be used.

    Even the follow up pcr is not perfect and has occasional (although fewer) false positive—so a single follow up is not that much different than a single follow up rapid test.

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  11. Dawgedd

    Dawgedd Well-Known Member

    Yes, I’m sure this is the case. But running 2 more rapid tests is likely more accurate than a single pcr test (which does have false positive too—no test is perfect).

    And I’m not blaming Butler. I’m sure, like you said, that this is protocol, likely from the BE. But IMO it would be more practical and as scientifically justified to do 2 follow up rapid tests when: there is a single positive test, no symptoms, and no know contacts.

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  12. Ster8462

    Ster8462 Well-Known Member

    I don’t claim to know much on specifics but maybe the false + has to be sit a few days even if he retakes the rapid test and it comes back negative.

    Difference is Purdue actually has access to 11 or so scholarship players healthy. You take one guy away from Butler right now and you have 7 scholarship players available. Many variables come into play.

    I will say I was bummed as I had tickets to last nights game as I try to get out once a week to keep my sanity and was planning on enjoying the evening with my adult son and daughter at the game. It’s been a tradition since circa 2005 for us. Plan on getting to 1 or 2 more games this year as I have been to the two non-conference games in person.

    Was looking forward to see in person our teams’ progression since Southern Illinois game.
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  13. knobcreekfan

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    I am shocked BU does not have that dedicated practice facility and Citation. I mean for as smart and perfect as several on this board are, you have to have billions to be donating to the basketball program.

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  14. seadawg

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    As disappointing as this is, one would agree a false positive is preferable to a false negative. Costs of various test could also be a factor?
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  15. Albick

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    I can't speak to what happened in the Butler situation, but here's the explanation as to what happened to allow Purdue to play its game against Michigan:

    Incidentally, the story also notes that all Michigan athletic activities have been shut down by Michigan's state health department for at least two weeks.
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