Simonas Lukosius - 2021 Guard (Signed)

Discussion in 'Current Butler Players' started by Lukas Harkins, Aug 31, 2021.

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    I think I mentioned this in my article but I'll do it again in case I didn't. Regardless of whether or not he significantly cracks a deep rotation this season, this addition is huge for the future. Butler is graduating at least six guys this offseason, and the staff wants to have as much returning talent as they can. With Lukosius being on-campus and practicing with his teammates this season, they will have another guy on the 2022-23 roster (and beyond) that has already spent a year in the program and learning the plays, developing chemistry, etc. It is tough to integrate a lot of new pieces in one offseason and while adding transfers is certainly a part of Butler's roster strategy at this point, having more guys with experience in the program is preferred. Being able to prioritize one or two good transfers over needing four or five in a given offseason is a big difference. I think Lukosius will really help with the transition from 2021-22 to 2022-23.
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    I know next to nothing about this guy, but what I see is a bunch of skills that we seem to be short of in our current roster. I think it is a deep and talented roster, but it lacks some pieces that he seems to bring to the party. It seems likely to me that it will help us recruit in Europe more effectively if he becomes a standout player in the BigEast. Of course I felt that way about Jackson Aldridge also, and that never lead to any inroads in the Australian sports programs.
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    -Behind the back pass to the cutter under the hoop.
    -Inbound off the defender's back

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    Not to get everyone going crazy, but Simonas has some decent comps to Franz Wagner's 2nd season in the Germany 1 league. Not saying we have Franz 2.0, but you can see the immediate transition from the GER-1 league to being a force at Michigan. This tells me the GER-1 league is not a beer league. If Simonas can fill out, he seems to be crafty and versatile. As Lucas has said, this is more for 2022-23, which looks promising.

    Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 2.03.00 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 2.01.22 PM.png
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    He averaged 2.9 Pts in 8.8 min with 25% from deep? Other than he likely took very few 3s…

    Should I be worried about him?
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    Wagner played 30 minutes a game at UM. That's probably not happening in year 1 at BU. Maybe down the road.
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    I'm sure you are much more historically correct. However, given the fact that Sabonis is both, Lithuanian and in our back yard as a Pacer, I thought his name would play better for a "happy thought".

    I think they call it suspended reality in the arts...

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    Can someone explain how he played in the same league that Kelan did after graduation, do amateurs and professionals play in the same league? Or am I confused. Or maybe both.
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    Europe does not have high school teams, they have club teams all the way up to the professional ranks. So you can absolutely keep your "amateur level" status and play for professional teams. You can get promoted, you can get invited to a team, but unless you negotiated a salaried contract you still keep your status, and do get the professional perks of training, gear, etc European sports leagues are entirely different than here with AAU and school teams
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    I was wondering the same thing so this is extremely helpful. Thanks!
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    Yeah, thanks. I follow European soccer decently closely, and it sounds like basketball operates similarly. I’m sure there are nuanced differences, but now that you have explained it, this makes sense.
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