Soloman Ball - 2023 Combo Guard (Offered)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by UDDawg, Jun 11, 2022.

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    I know absolutely nothing about this guy but he used the right logo, right hashtag, and a current Hinkle photo in his tweet so please sign him immediately.
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  3. UDDawg

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    247 has him at #88 nationally.
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    Solomon Ball is a 6'3" combo guard who just recently announced he would be transferring to Brewster academy(formerly St. James School in Hagerstown, MD), and has been running with Team Melo on the Nike EYBL circuit this spring. He has been one of the hottest prospects of the spring. From April to May, he picked up 13 offers the likes of UConn, Miami, Xavier, Arizona St., USC, Texas A&M, Illinois, and Providence, among others. Well, Butler just joined the party by offering him today.

    Ball is a first class athlete with a 6'10" wingspan and a 45" vertical.

    Check out this in-depth breakdown of his game:
  5. jkcdawgs

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    -1 for Bryce Golden being in one of the photos
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    Agree on that. Put some of the current Butler players in those pics like Simas, Jayden or Chuck.
  7. ButlerGoalie

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    He’s transferring to Brewster Academy so I’m sure including Golden was very much intentional.

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  8. bicknob

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    Based off the one video I've now watched, I want him. 6'3 with a 6'9 wingspan and looks like he finishes around the rim really well.

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  9. seadawg

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    Assuming TM is becoming aware of the needs of the roster moving forward into the 23-24 season, he deserves our trust. Still think a PG makes more sense, with only a couple of slots available. JMO
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    Per 247, 6-3 Shooting Guard from Sharpsburg, MD. Player rank: 88; player rating: 91. 4 star.

    Offers: Butler, DePaul, Providence, Texas A&M, VCU, USC, GW, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Miami, some mid- to low-majors, plus lots of additional interest.

    Visits taken to DePaul (May 8) and USC (June 5).

    Another source said he took an early May visit to UConn and also has offers from X (of course), AZ State, Pitt, Clemson, and Iona.

    Was listed as a Rivals 2-star but apparently blew up in the spring AAU season.

    Runs with Team Melo.
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    Finally getting caught up on a few of these threads.

    Super long, athletic, left handed combo guard...feel like we did ok with one of those recently
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  12. iluvsnow

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    Announcing his final five today!
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    Miami, USC, Connecticut, DePaul and Providence. :)
  14. pjohnsto2003

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    WTF with DePaul all of a sudden?

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    NIL doesn't mean nil... send it

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