Starting Lineup Next Season as of Now

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Starting Lineup w/o a grad transfer (even though we will get one)

  1. 1. Kamar 2. Baddley 3. McDermott 4. Martin 5. Wideman

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  2. 1. Kamar 2. McDermott 3. Martin 4. Wideman 5.Fowler

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  3. 1. Kamar 2. McDermott 3.Martin 4. Young 5. Wideman

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  4. Dude PJ is our Point Guard

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  5. None of the above

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  1. Baddog

    Baddog Well-Known Member

    Better hope either Brunk or Fowler have or will have made the same strides that O'Mara made this past season, because at the end of the year he was pretty darn good. Biggest weakness on next year's team is the 5, on both ends of the court, just like this past season. Wideman will give you an occasional spectacular play, but he has no offensive game with his back to the basket, and he can't defend if he has to move very far. He is what he is at this point. Teaching post moves is pretty basic stuff. Rarely see any from any of our big men. You have like fact that both Brunk and Fowler have nice little midrange games facing the basket. But how much better would they both be with a post game? And how much better would the team be? I'm sure the coaches are working on it. Both guys have another year under their belt. I would take O'Mara-like improvement any time.
  2. bulldogs51

    bulldogs51 Active Member

    I think fowler made big strides from fr to so seasons. With his injuries out of highschool where he was stuck in a boot forever, I hope he makes another big jump in this off season. Brunk was a highly sought after recruit that seems like a lot of folks are writing off, which I don't understand. Without his family issues causing him to redshirt I think he would have grown to give butler solid minutes at the 5 through bigeast play. With him still growing, I hope to see a top end big east center starting next year. You can't teach height. If you are a legit 7' or 7'1" with an enormous wing span you don't have to be a tremendous athlete to deter shots at the rim. For what it is worth I do think he is a good athlete considering he was a top 100 recruit.

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  3. BulldogsAllTheWay

    BulldogsAllTheWay Well-Known Member

    Have you been smoking with Trevon??? Chrabs had no post moves? Fowler's has an excellent baby hook. I don't know where you people get this stuff.
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  4. Baddog

    Baddog Well-Known Member

    Absolutely clueless. You're probably one of those who sees Wideman with a huge block and think he's a great defensive player, too. Basically, Chrabs had one move in the post....over the left shoulder. It worked for him, but that was basically the ONLY move he had with his back to the basket. How many times did you see him get to the hoop with a two hand stuff off a great move? Unfortunately, he was limited by his size. But then, I'm not surprised you think he had a great post game. And exactly how often did we see that "excellent" baby hook from Fowler this year? Would love to know exactly how many points he racked up with that "excellent" shot. Obviously, you have no clue what an effective post game looks like. I don't know how some people follow basketball so intently and still remain so clueless about the game. But then, if you don't know what to look for in the first place, how do you even learn? Maybe you should go see Trevon.
  5. PSUButlerFan

    PSUButlerFan Well-Known Member

    Huh??? ^^^

    Fowler was like our 8th option to score on the team. He has a great hook shot. It's not like he was asked to take it often. Suggesting the number of times we saw it (or didn't) is largley irrelevant compared to how it was when he did use it.

    Where's Hinkle and his stats/usage rate...?
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  6. Hinkle

    Hinkle Well-Known Member

    You're correct - he was eighth in usage, last among Butler players who played any real minutes in the Big East. For anyone thinking he's a good offensive player but not cut out for being a good Big East scorer: his offensive efficiency was higher in conference games than in the non-con. He needs to become a better defender, no doubt about it. But there's little question he's a good offensive player. Arguing otherwise puts you somewhere in the ballpark of our press secretary with facts.
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  7. Insane Dawg

    Insane Dawg Well-Known Member

    For an under athletic kid Chrabs hook was incredible. It was so good that I don't ever remember anyone blocking it even when they knew it was coming. What was so impressive about Chrabs was his post game. Fowler has an outstanding hook shot. I have been the most critical of Nate but his hook shot it a strength. What he needs to learn is not to bring the ball down, feel where the defense is and work on his strength and agility/quickness.
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  8. WMUDog

    WMUDog Active Member

    Call me crazy but I think Fowler starts. Fowler, Wideman, and Martin up front. Baldwin and ? in the backcourt. So many unknowns though. If 2 of the five freshmen come through big, that changes everything (considering Brunk as a redshirt). Also, maybe Jorgensen is the ?.

    Over all I think we will be OK. Hell, we have a "way too early" ranking of 19, and a "way to early" 5 seed. Someone thinks we are going to be good.
  9. BulldogsAllTheWay

    BulldogsAllTheWay Well-Known Member

    After that rebuttal, it is beyond rich that you call me clueless. If you're definition of a great post game is a move for a two handed slam, you're gonna be mightily disappointed with Butler's big men for years to come. The number of guys who can do that in college basketball is extremely, extremely small. But who am I to argue with a basketball savant such as yourself?
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  10. Baddog

    Baddog Well-Known Member

    Let's see. I said the weakest position on the floor last year for us was the 5. Check. I said I hoped that the coaching staff would working with our 5's to improve their post moves because they are limited in that area. Check. I said the 5's on our roster are rather slow afoot on defense and hope we work on it over the off season or change up our defense somewhat to help minimize that weakness. Check. I also stated that bottom line, the 5 could still be a problem area for us next year, too. These comments were all in a discussion about a potential starting five for next year. I'm not getting into a pi$$ing contest with you dude. Just some advice. Like in business, when you're sitting in a meeting in the board room and the lawyers or the IT guys are talking stuff over your head, just sit there and keep your mouth shut and nod and everyone thinks you're right there with them. Regarding real basketball topics on this board, you just need to sit there and nod. Do yourself a favor and stick to the crowd size and the cheerleader uniforms and stuff like that to comment on. And forget about calling anyone out! News flash, we have a couple of guys on the roster 6 - 10 or over. Dunking the ball is not a rarity for them. Or is it at most other places in college ball. But I'm so glad to know that you think Chrabs and Fowler have/had great post games. Wow. Where do people get this stuff? So in lieu of just some basic fundamental knowledge and common sense you're in to name calling. Never claimed I was a basketball "savant". Just clearly know that next to your knowledge of the game, yep, I guess I am a savant. Go ahead and get the last word. I will not bother to reply. Waste of my time, just like this post.
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  11. seadawg

    seadawg Well-Known Member

    Basketball withdrawals can be toxic.
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  12. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Active Member

    If Chrabs didn't have a good post game, he wouldn't have been guarded by post players. If he was guarded by guards and had no post game, he would have been pretty terrible.

    People get upset with Fowler because he's not a banger down low. Let's look around in 2017, that's not really how basketball is played anymore. He doesn't have to guard Shaq down there. If Nate had average athleticism with his current skills, he'd be Luke Kornet, who is going to have an NBA career.

    As it is, he's a more than capable to good offensive player who has to work on things defensively. Not a star, but a guy who would see minutes on almost every team in the country.

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  13. bulldogs51

    bulldogs51 Active Member

    To use a word I learned when living in Kentucky y'all angry.

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  14. BulldogsAllTheWay

    BulldogsAllTheWay Well-Known Member

    Literally everyone disagrees with you and, yet, you still claim to be the smartest guy in the room. I pity a fool.
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  15. 740OHIOBulldog

    740OHIOBulldog Member

    2. Darius Thompson
  16. Butler294

    Butler294 New Member

    Its still too early to guess what the starting lineup will be. But minus a transfer my guess is it will be:

    - Baldwin, Martin, Wideman, Young, and whoever wins the competition for spot up 3-point shooter between McDermit and Neese.

    In the perfect scenario then McDermit becomes your 6th man with Fowler splitting minutes at the 5 depending on the matchup. Jorgensen is the backup PG and (hopefully) Baddley makes further strides to becoming the next Willie Beasley. As for Brunk, I hope I am wrong but I just don't see him becoming a big impact player.
  17. fdr

    fdr Well-Known Member

    McDermit? Willie Beasley?

    I rebuke you and motion that Lord Jared nullify your posting privileges, posthaste.
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  18. UDDawg

    UDDawg Well-Known Member

    And this is the same poster who charged the majority of posters here of being ignorant...
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  19. kmacker69

    kmacker69 Well-Known Member

    Yeah he's really getting off on a real good foot... Not!
  20. SpartanDawgs

    SpartanDawgs Well-Known Member

    Probably will be in the starting lineup now. So much happened since this post though.

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