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Discussion in 'Butler Recruiting' started by fdr, Aug 8, 2017.

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    What in the world is going on with "AAU" basketball? I thought Lavar Ball might be a one-off phenomenon, but the summer circuit seems like a farce now. I admittedly have not followed "AAU" ball closely, aside from the occasional article or video related to an elite player or one of our targets. However, it seems that social media and sponsors have turned it into a spectacle.

    I used to play basketball (certainly not at a national, elite level) and this isn't meant to be a "get off my lawn" post, because I realize that the summer circuit never exactly showcased unadulterated basketball ecstasy. But this just seems over-the-top. Then again, maybe that is the point.
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    The issues IMO are that the majority of the people coaching these AAU teams are members of the player's families and not qualified coaches, and even though you aren't getting top level officiating all the time, these "coaches" are looking at calls through the eyes of a parent (AKA, my kids can do no wrong) and not as a coach (Looking for the teachable moment in failure or adversity). Additionally, the majority of elite teams have a very difficult time getting any practice or development time together. The tournaments are really just showcases for top talents, and the goal of winning is secondary to getting the top level kids their time in the spotlight.
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    The AAU is, has been, and will always be a bowl of reeking crap.
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    A close friend of mine played golf recently with Sam Alford, Steve's dad. Alford told him that the shoe companies play a huge role in the recruiting of 5 stars and some
    top 4 stars. Example offer the "student athlete" huge amounts of cash to attend a particular school based on which school is affiliated with which shoe company, the
    money payable when the "student athlete" leaves school in the from of a shoe contract. Of course if the kid washes out no contract.

    Many coaches, Brad for example become fed up and leave the college game. Others and we all know who thrive in this atmosphere. Follow the money big time programs
    keep getting the top talent, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, North Carolina and you know the rest. It is a cesspool. The NCAA is powerless and will not or cannot
    do anything about it.
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