Tucker has left the building

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    When Zion, Anthony Davis, or Joel Embiid walk into Hinkle to lace up their sneaks, I'll agree with you (I know only Davis won the whole tourney).
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    How will players work out in the off-season with restrictions on 10 ppl together at a time, work-outs and in gym?That might be quite challenging given what the current future holds.
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    I beat PSU to a post for once!!!! :D
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  4. willisbrown

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    Not for Butler. We don't have 10 abled bodies. We're good with the ten ppl rule.
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  5. Ster8462

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    BU has won with freshmen. The year was 2008-2009 and they made the tournament. Do the names Hayward, Mack, and Nored ring a bell. Year 2 of this group resulted in a Final Four.

    Jordan is improving as a head coach (remember this was year 4 as a head coach) and I fully expect to be a second weekend NCAA team in Year 2 of the incoming freshmen class and if things fall right a legitimate final 4 contender one or two times with this incoming group.

    Things fall right next year we could be a tournament team next year and yes I mean NCAA tournament team.
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    They should not be working out together until this crisis passes.
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    Depends on how it is done and what precautions are taken to isolate them from the general population. Are they willing to socially isolate to be able to do that is the big question.
  8. NCJon

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    No. It's too big of a risk. There's virtually no way you can get 11 college aged guys, plus however many coaches are involved, to be as strict as they would need to be about having zero other contacts for the entire summer without authoritarian control over them. No time with mamas, girlfriends, church, friends, no one else at all.

    I'd rather go winless next season than see someone foolishly trying to hold practices.

    They need to work out individually and if coaches are involved that can't be in person, but virtually. At least until we have some better grasp on this contagion than we do today.
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    You high? You’re asking for the incoming class to include two All-Time Top 5 BU players and another in the Top 20. I know this class is good, but let’s slow down everybody.

    Get a couple transfers, and let’s see what happens.
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  10. willisbrown

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    Definitely agree here. Rarely does something like that come together like it did. Granted this class is "better" on paper, but, that's a lot to be expected. It's not always a perfect storm (rarely is) so let's not think these guys are just going to take the torch and run with it. And trust me, I am as big of fan as anyone of this class. It just doesn't happen like that. If it does...I'll rejoice in my dumbz...but you're asking a lot of young kids in arguably the best/deepest conference in america.

    We need a couple bodies, experienced and not afraid of the big lights. We just have to or it is going to be a loooooong season.
  11. Ster8462

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    Just saying sometimes you can strike lightning in a bottle like that 2008 class in 2 years. Before this mess started (COVID-19), during the season I was talking to someone and said by the time Battle is a senior I thought we would be one of the favorites to reach the Final 4 again. By favorites I mean a top 10 team.

    Nothing has soured me on this prediction. It will be without Battle but since that time we have added Thomas and Taylor to the mix.

    LaVall will have continued to grow as a coach and the great thing about the next two incoming classes so far although all very good likely none or one would leave college for The Association early.

    As we learned this year a team lead by good on floor multi year guys like McDermott, Baldwin, Thompson and Baddley made the sum greater than the individual parts.

    Nothing against Paulie J or Nate F but that was part of what was lacking from the ‘18-‘19 Dogs.
    Think that and the whole I would prefer to be 55 miles southwest of BU’s campus on another campus derailed an okay start to the ‘18-‘19 season.
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    Yes, you can... The question is if they would. I didn't advocate for it to be done next week or next month. We can't shut the world down over this indefinitely. Eventually we will need to go back to living our lives and accepting the risks involved with living in a connected society. When that happens is very much at debate right now and will be until we start to see the infections level out some. Not being facetious here, but realistic. The risk was always there and will be again. We still have to live our lives, but a pause for the cause, might work some to limit the deaths.
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    This is my understanding of the current state of things on Tucker--at least from what we know publicly:

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    Excellent article. There are so many variables and open questions associated with Tucker. There is no way the Pre-Draft Combine will take place the end of May. However, I'm not sure this is even relevant to Tucker. There were 66 college invitees last year (basically equating to the 2 rounds of NBA Draft). As JT is not mentioned in any Mock Drafts, I'd be stunned if he gets an invite to this if and when it occurs.

    Regardless, the NBA needs to make an announcement shortly on what they're doing with the 2020 Draft process because they are leaving a lot of folks like Tucker in limbo. Would imagine their focus is on what to do with the rest of the season, but I think once they see the ratings for the NFL Draft this week, they'll be very inclined to push forward even though there'll be multiple challenges.

    My guess is there had to have been some some sort of agreement between Tucker and LJ. Now that we have 1 spot filled with Bolden, the fact that we are continuing to court existing Grad transfers (which I believe we are) should be very telling. If we reach out to new ones post-Bolden (not sure) then even moreso.

    At the end of the day, I (like others) side with Willis that Tucker is gone. Given all the uncertainty with the NBA, the Staff cannot and will not wait around potentially till July or August for a player of his caliber.
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  15. MIBulldog

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    There’s no way that LaVall is being held hostage by Tucker. I’m sure there was a sit down between the two with a very frank conversation of Tuck’s intentions. I don’t honestly think JT would do that and I’m sure Vall was very honest with Jordan. I think if we grab another transfer then Jordan had already indicated he wasn’t coming back. I can’t imagine any D1 coach not knowing.

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  16. Hinkle Magic2

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    I don't agree with this. I think a lot of the whole pre-draft evaluation process is to actually determine what your NBA stock is. Yeah, there's a lot of guys who are sure fire lottery picks and first rounders but there's also a lot of guys who aren't. Not saying Tucker couldn't be leaning incredibly to one side, but I don't know if his mind is completely made up either. He at least clarified on social media a bit to say he could possibly still return. If he knew he was already gone, why waste the time and effort? If you know you're out the door, what's the point?
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  18. Insane Dawg

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    LJ would be foolish not to take a suitable immediately edible transfer between now and Tucker’s drop dead date with the NBA.
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  19. Ster8462

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    For Positive P/R. Example If I’m looking for a job I don’t tell the public or my current employer. I tell a few people in my inner circle ⭕️.

    I want to leave on the best terms possible and yes in case I find no other alternative or it takes awhile to find a position I still can have a good relationship with my current employer as I continue to search.

    I left all employers with a quality work product like Tucker did for Butler this year and if the right opening came up down the road I believe both of the companies I’ve left would hire me back.

    Never is too strong of a word on Tucker being in a BU uniform next year as there are no absolutes, but I better be getting 100 Bucks for every dollar I put up that Tucker is in a Butler uniform next year. So yes there is a chance but a very negligible chance he is a Bulldog next year.

    In the meantime LaVall is not being held hostage by Tucker as I’m sure he has told Tucker he is actively recruiting for Tucker’s scholarship spot and if he finds the right fit for the last scholarship spot he will notify Tucker that a return to Butler has been reduced from .5-1% to zero.

    Basketball is big business for Butler University. If LaVall wishes to keep his job he must do what he feels is best for The Program and not one individual.

    Wishing Jordan Tucker the best and hope he makes the best decision he feels is best for him, which right now I don’t feel he believes that is Butler. With that said he showed tremendous improvement this year and was a very valuable piece to a team that I believe would’ve been a 2nd weekend team in the NCAA tourney.
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    You probably mean eligible, edible transfers are hard to find these days...

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