TV info for 12/9 vs. YSU

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by bu97, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. bu97

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    Per :

    AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh
    AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain
    FOX Sports Arizona
    FOX Sports Detroit PLUS
    FOX Sports Florida
    FOX Sports Midwest (I think that includes FS Indiana for local peeps)
    FOX Sports North
    FOX Sports Ohio
    FOX Sports South
    FOX Sports Southwest
    FOX Sports West
    FOX Sports Wisconsin
    ROOT Sports
    WMEU-CD / WCIU-DT2 - Chicago
    YurView - New England

    Check local listings/your mileage may vary/offer void where prohibited/do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. Happy hunting.
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  2. PSUButlerFan

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    YES it is
  3. WestLoopDog

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    Info for Dawg fans in Chicago:
    It is being televised by Comcast on UTOOH (#230). Enjoy!
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  4. seadawg

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    I'll admit to being somewhat excited about the prospect of playing an old opponent (YSU) when the schedule was announced. I was criticized and rightfully so. It appears YSU is a cupcake of epic proportions at this point. So much so that I'm kind of surprised the game is not being carried on the Better Homes and Gardens Dessert channel. I just hope BU doesn't play down to the competition level.
  5. bmradio99

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    This is helpful, thanks bu97 and WLD. I have no idea why DirecTV Chicago doesn't carry WCIU-2, since it's a digital broadcast subchannel...but I've never been able to find it. Luckily, I have no problem showing up at a bar at 11am Central. Go Dawgs.
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  6. bu97

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