UConn Huskies (5-1, 2-1) at Butler Bulldogs (3-5, 2-3), Saturday, 1/9, 4:00 PM EST (CBSSN)

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  1. Irishdawg

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    He wore a BU United t-shirt today. The abject horror.

    Meanwhile Creighton has the same jersey as the NBA players with social messages like "equality" on them. I'll bet that really ruffles some feathers, but they're winning, so those fans will stay silent until they don't.

    FWIW, Jordan and the staff and team have worn project 44 shirts before as well. But that doesn't bother fans because cancer affects everyone, whereas race relations only impacts the coaches, players and a smaller segment of fans, so you know, that makes it unworthy of supporting.

    The team had a bad game today. It happens every year to much better Butler teams. How they respond is what matters.
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  2. Jared Grubbs

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    Nobody. The point is Butler is relying on freshman to fill the remaining void, and that's going to make for some rough nights sometimes. Tate and Harris both have 20 point scoring nights in the books already in their young career, so they are capable of major contributions. Coles has 2 double digit scoring performances if you want to include him as well when he gets healthy. If the upperclassmen play like they did yesterday its good enough to win games in the Big East, but they still need help. Some nights they will get it, some nights they won't.
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  3. BUcheer

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    Just a side note, but hadn’t seen Hurley in person before and not a fan. Stood on the court quite a bit, extended barking at refs during TO’s (leading to a weak foul on BU next possession) and just overall not likable. His players were stunned when they got whistled and were pretty demonstrative. Having said that, BU was sorely lacking in toughness yesterday.
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  4. UDDawg

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    Yeah, Hurley is a maniac. Couldn't stand him when he was at Rhode Island.
  5. SnoopDawg

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    Bring back gritty not pretty. That's the Butler I expect to see every game and have grown to love.
  6. ButlerNut

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    Dale, or all of your other handles...maybe you should graciously volunteer to enlighten the coaching staff with your overwhelming basketball IQ, just as you graciously share your general IQ with the members of this board.
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  7. Baddog

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    Blasphemy. Surprised you weren't attacked for this comment from the crowd who has no idea what they are seeing when watching a game and actually have no idea what to look for to begin with. And no ridiculous analytics retorts in defense of him either. Someone is slipping. Or maybe "Coach" is just becoming more and more difficult to defend....after three and a half years the same old ugly crap.
  8. Ignatius J. Reilly

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    It's so perfectly on the nose that this fan base has a rough season -- a season where we knew ahead of time there were going to be deep struggles -- and it's already coming to questioning if Coach Jordan should even be called "Coach" at all.

    Good programs have down seasons. Brad Stevens had bad seasons. Under Coach Jordan, this program has become ranked as high as #5, they have qualified for and won NCAA tournament games, they have won Big East tournament games. They have had success and built momentum in recruiting. Their offensive efficiency numbers have been in the tops of the nation. They have consistently outperformed their preseason rankings. They have had success.

    I am not saying this year isn't rough or that there aren't things to criticize. But between the comments suggesting we shouldn't even call him "Coach," that he isn't intelligent enough to run a program, the comments mocking his faith and tendency to tweet about the Gospels, and the "social justice warrior" ****, I think some of you are responding more to a dislike of Coach Jordan than you are to how you'd like to see the ball move around on offense.

    Some of you need to grow up.
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  9. willisbrown

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    People may not like him, but he's solid and has proven to be very effective. And everywhere he's been his players respond to whatever it is he is doing and they play insanely hard and tough nosed for him. Us...not so much. Maybe in spurts or a game here or game there, but not consistently enough to not be completely out-toughed physically and mentally like yesterday.

    Will you take 51 from the 4 upperclassmen? Sure. But it wasn't an effective 51 when you look at Bolden's overall performance and Golden once again playing like a sloth. AT and Nze had pretty good games. No one else came close.

    Losing Coles really hurts. I had him pegged to be starting by about now over Golden and he was performing at a much higher level.
  10. GodawgsXsucks

    GodawgsXsucks Member

    Bolden has a big issue when he puts the ball on the floor. Either a turnover or gets stuck in a bad spot every time

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  11. TheDawgDub95

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    I am happy with and proud of the way LaVall is leading our young men and our program. I'm optimistic that he will have our program, both, competing for the Big East and nationally relevant within the next few years. With that said, it's also an expectation I have for our program, so time will tell. I'm also hopeful, that, if he can achieve this, Butler will be a place that he wants to keep doing this.

    Just like our young players need to grow and develop in order to achieve this, so too does our staff. As of now, I believe they can and will. Are there things here and there that give me pause? Sure! Omar was known for his development of bigs. I think this has yet to be proven, but I don't think it has been disproven, either. We now have guys, here, that were recruited to LaVall's system. There are still some players that lack the size, athleticism and ball skills to play a more up and down and spread style of play, but this appears to be changing with 2020's and 2021's classes. We may still need a couple of key ingredients in the 2022 class, but we shall see.

    Calling him "coach" or "sjw" will not help us accomplish anything we want nor will it make this a place at which he would want to stay if he does get us there. BUnited espouses unity, leadership and responsibility. There is nothing not to be all in on unless you have a predisposition that might indicate some self reflection and personal growth could be in order. None of this is to suggest we can't or shouldn't criticize. Let's just make sure we aren't critical for the wrong reasons. The ascension will be challenging enough, as it is!

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  12. GoodDawgs

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    Assume most regular readers of the board realize this, but just a reminder that the same troll/trolls pop(s) up every year like clockwork when the team inevitably struggles. The pseudonyms change, but the tone, syntax, inflammatory bigotry, grammar mistakes and misspellings remain consistent. The ignore function is bliss!
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  13. BUcheer

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    Do appreciate Vall not sugarcoating with this comment. Went on to say he didn't like the body language.

    “To be honest, we’ve got to look inside and figure out what’s going on under the hood of Butler basketball,” coach LaVall Jordan said.
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  14. bumba

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    The upperclassmen have been BAD this year outside of AT. The only reason we have been in games so far is because of the freshmen.
  15. butlerguy03

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    Eyeballs. Dayton is Tier 2, Saint Louis is Tier 3. You'd really be reaching for either, but less so with Dayton.
  16. willisbrown

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    I agree but...that was Nze's best overall game the other day. Not as many mental mistakes and some decent finishes. Golden has been a huge disappointment.

    Bolden has a role I think has been ok. Some hot moments then games like the other day. He can be better than he's shown.
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  17. bwesson15

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    It's not just you it's a couple posters but everyone trashing Golden is wrong. We haven't even got to see how he was actually gonna look this year. The work he put in during the off-season was basically erased. He got covid then has dealt with injuries also. One thing you say is he looks like a sloth. Well that tends to happen when you are a big dude who has to quarantine for 14 days. Then even when you can come back your banged up plus you are dealing with recovering from covid. Look at last year we loved that Golden would actually dunk the ball. He did it every chance he got and was amazing at finishing around the rim. You can tell this year he doesn't have that bounce in him right now. Butler put up on their social media page that they thought Bryce Golden was gonna take the biggest leap this year. So even the people around the program thought he was gonna be one of our leading scorer's. Things happen trust me I'm pretty sure he's more pissed about how he's been playing than any of us could be.

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  18. GodawgsXsucks

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    So how many games exactly does he get to be evaluated? Because we have played what 10 games so far? He has looked awful in all of them

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  19. dawgs2014

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    All of them. This year is about development.

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  20. BUcheer

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    UConn obviously drank deeply from the Hinkle water fountain. Butler hangover in full effect vs. DePaul.

    Never mind. DePaul doing DePaul things.

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