Wabissa Bede - 2017 Point Guard (Virginia Tech)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by Jared Grubbs, Feb 19, 2016.

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    That's fine, you keep waiting and we'll see how many 2020's blow up over the summer and move on from BU. Hopefully none....but that's usually never the case. The only reason AT is even on the roster is because Bolt missed on every single point guard we recruited that year.
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    LaVall just started following on Twitter.

    And I can find nothing on his recruitment. I’d say LaVall following is a pretty decent sign we’re involved. Quit whining Willis!

    It also appears Tucker and David are recent followers.

    Edit: Hard to tell is any are recent though.

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  3. ButlerGoalie

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    Not to give away all of my social stalking tools, but yeah, if you go here:

    The list is reverse order of followers. Meaning, those that are new are at the top. LJ is a new follower. David and Tucker are not.

    The list of follows is the same. So, the LJ love follow and follower, is recent.


    Given Bede's lack of other social media follows and his rather slim practice of follow-backs, I'm thinking there's mutual interest there. Remember, LJ didn't recruit Bede to Butler...so, I'd say luke-warm right now.

    LJ's recent follows are interesting. He's also very selective. His most recent follows are Bede, Bynam, Eugene Brown and Jahari Long's mom? Not an exact science, but more of a reading of tea leaves sort of thing. Following Jahari's mom is interesting, that speaks more than luke-warm to me.
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    Wabissa Bede 2018-2019 season:
    3.8 ppg 25.3 mpg
    2.5 rpg 40.2 fg%
    2.3 apg 35.4 3fg%

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