Welcome back Thad!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BUcheer, Apr 3, 2022.

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    I don’t have a headache, but boy does she. Poor thing. Sleep, fluids and generic painkillers will hopefully do the trick.

    I did a full workout this am at normal performance. Either it hasn’t hit me yet or this is just a weird disease…

    Anyway thanks for all the well wishes everyone! I expect we’ll be back to normal in a few days.
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    Excellent interview! I've enjoyed listening to Thad over the past few months, but he was a little more specific in this interview. Toward the end, he addressed the 2 things we were really complaining about last season: 30% 3pt shooting and lack of size. The size has been addressed and it sounds like he is really pushing his players to refine their 3pt shots. If we can improve in those 2 areas alone, I like our chances next season.
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    Yeah this thing is night and day from last season (and before that). Incredible staff and size. Plus you shed a lot of weight that just wasn't going to get it done. I'm very fired up for what we're about to see.
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    Thad is a pretty damn good sideline coach. Butt slapper. Hand shaker. Cheerleader. But also will get in a kid's face if he screws up. All things you expect from a good coach. Things that can positively affect momentum during a game. I and others here have maintained that the roster talent he inherited isn't all that bad. And he recruited some big pieces. Can't wait to see what Matta and the staff can do to develop that potential. Think we're going to surprise a lot of doubters. Still, Big East is going to be a grinder. Just think our days of 30 and 40 loss embarrassments are over. The days of being able to pick a Butler win in your brackets isn't that far off either.
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    Not sure where to put this so I'll just drop it here.

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    This response was pretty good!

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    Buzz King puts Butler a bit higher at 19, one place ahead of Purdue. No IU in sight on either list. (And no Purdue on the CBK list.)

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    Good listen.
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    I will say the more I learn about what’s going on at practice, with the team, with the staff, etc the more I am convinced the magnitude of Butler’s turnaround next year will absolutely shock the casual fan and media analyst.

    It’s going to be night and day.
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    Off the record, TM has stated the biggest problem for BU moving forward is getting players to transition from AAU to college basketball. Players pick up many undesirable habits.
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    I enjoyed this interview after the first question, but I thought it was borderline rude to ask Thad "what percentage" fans should expect from him. You can tell Thad is at least a little taken aback by it. What is Fanta expecting him to say? "Well, honestly I'm only 75% of my old self but hopefully that's enough."
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    He could have worded it better but it is true.

    It wasn't that long ago Ohio St felt the need to fire one of the top 10 coaches in the game because of perceived difficulties caused by health problems.
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    I love hearing this! Are there any specifics that you can or care to share?

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    I mean for us that shouldn't be too shocking, we all thought we had a pretty good group the past couple of years, and now bringing in a major league staff & dept overhaul, you can see how the script might flip, it'll be crazy to get into games again, although I did make quite a bit of money of Butler's first half woes last year, but I will gladly choose a top ranked elite team to cheer for again over the $$ :)
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    Why not do both? Just bet on Butler to win now instead of lose!
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    Possibly the best BU article The Athletic has done since I've been a subscriber. Notice the mention near the end where Thad told Pierce he had one of the "5 best dunks ever" in all of his practices. The kid has ridiculous hops.

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