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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BUcheer, Apr 3, 2022.

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    Pasting this small snippet that made me grin from ear to ear.

    Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 10.44.52 AM.png
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    Oden calling him a monster, and Chuck calling him a beast, along with Diebler talking about how he helped him improve is all great stuff, too. I personally am clinging to Diebler going from 29% from 3 his Freshman year to over 40% Soph and Jr years to 50% his senior year as hope for dramatically improved shooting for us. That 29% figure should sound very familiar to us.

    The insight on Manny's recruitment was very interesting, as well!

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  5. Albick

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    Per polled coaches, Thad is the fifth-best coaching hire of this off-season. Numbers 1 and 2 also in the Big East. I'm not convinced Willard was a huge loss (notwithstanding his number 3 ranking here), but we lost a great one this year when Coach Wright retired. Still, the Big East has an impressive stable of coaches.
  6. tcdtcd

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    Is Jon Scheyer a better hire than Thad? I don’t think so. Just Duke love?
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  7. Hinkle

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    Yeah, that’s just amusing. Maybe he’ll be great, maybe he’ll be terrible. No one really has a clue. But for a program like Duke - that could hire just about anyone - to hire someone so objectively unproven, and to declare it a “great hire,” is comical.

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  8. Gregory Roach

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    To Hinkle's point, the hire @ Duke was a bit of a head scratcher....TBD. I continue to SMH every time I see Sean Miller ranked ahead of Matta in these type of poles. It will interesting to see if Miller's recruiting "issues" follow him to X.
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    Also amusing. Setting aside that he’s just pure slime, there is no basis for thinking Sean Miller is a better basketball coach than Thad Matta. It’s absurd. It just underscores that sports writers are plainly bad at their jobs. How can you not look at readily available information (it takes 30 seconds to look at each coach’s Pom profile) and draw reasonable conclusions? They are, for the most part, idiots.
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    I also can't help but wonder where Shaheen Holloway ranks if Saint Peter's happens to lose in regulation against UK in the first round instead of winning in OT and going on their run. Seems to be lots of weight being given to one week of results (as impressive as they were).
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    So supposedly he’ll have to serve some game suspensions so I’d say yes, the issues are following him. Not sure how guys with confirmed cheating get fawned over and everyone looks the other way.
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    1, 3 and 4 are ridiculous. What is the basis for 1 Holloway and 4 Scheyer? Media BS. #3 Willard is a “good” coach. Anything in his overall record that says Maryland is back, Baby? They are all coin flips.
    Miller and Matta have legit records that provide standing. As to why the media gravitates to cheaters? My guess is those names make for better stories; at least in the mindset of Media folks.

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    I thought the same thing.

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