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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by BUcheer, Apr 3, 2022.

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    100%, I think part of the optimism is we really weren't as bad as we looked last year, the scheme, coaching etc There was reason for optimism prior to what transpired even from National onlookers and not just the Butler faithful. I think the key is unlocking everything. There is zero reason we can't have an elite defense and you'd be surprised what a guy like Ali Ali & Hunter will do to open up the offense a little more.
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    Maybe I’m way too much of an optimist- I just don’t see seven teams in the BE having more talent than Butler or a better coaching staff. Have to believe Hunter is a positive replacement over AT, Jalen Thomas over Golden, Manny Bates at least as good as Nze and Ali an improvement over an often injured Hodges. You know Harris, Lukosius, Wilmoth,Taylor, Tate, Thomas and Hughes will have improved greatly. Plus the team had more practices this summer leading up to four games in Europe.
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  3. seadawg

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    An injury free Bates is a difference maker.
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  4. Title

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    with respect. i think 1st is more likely than 8th. Id pick about 4th
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    It’s not overly optimistic. People (media) projecting a low finish for Butler in the league are doing so almost entirely based on the fact that Butler was bad last year. When the entire program staff turns over, and you add four guys who would start on most big east teams, last year’s results are obviously a terrible basis for making such a projection.

    This team is not finishing eighth.
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  6. willisbrown

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    And it may very well be a little choppy in the beginning with all the new faces and new system(s)...I'm preparing for that but also on the same page that this isn't a bottom half big east team. Once things start clicking there's too much talent to finish 8th.
  7. Shane Davis

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    What bothered me the most about last year's team is not so much how bad we were, it's how bad we were considering the talent level we had on the roster. It's debatable whether they were a bubble team or not, but that team had tools to work with and they were held back by a lack of execution, common fundamentals, and the overall predictability of our coaching staff, they lost a lot of games by the second half because of that.
    If Matta and this staff were coaching last year's team, I think they would've had a decent chance to compete for the bubble, now take the same core plus the 4 players that bring Big East size to the roster? Yes, I think Butler will be in the tourney this year, I'll gladly get my hopes up for that. This team may need time to gel, but there's no way that it takes them all season to figure it out.
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    We're clearly not better than Nova, Creighton or UConn. Cooley usually figures out how to beat us. That leaves X, BU, Marquette and the Hall battling for 5-8. Sounds about right to me.

    No one is going to give BU the benefit of the doubt. I'm thinking the upside is we make the dance as a NET 45-50 bubble team. The downside is Thad gets a rude awakening to the Big East.
  9. Baddog

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    Elephant in the room. Goes without saying, greatest addition to the team is Matta. As lousy a head coach as Jordan was (nice guy, but he was really, really bad), will give him credit for leaving behind some athletic kids with potentially developable talent and with decent potential. Last thing I worry about is Thad being surprised by BE talent or in over his head. He's been around a long time and in bigger situations. Guy has done a hell of a lot in the short period he had to put this team together. We won't get beaten too often because we were outcoached, ill-prepared or undisciplined. My two concerns entering this season are defense (adding "bigs" is such a plus defending the rim and paint and rebounding...and limiting second shots) and perimeter shooting. Still not sure what we have in shooters. TBD. Hope we do get cured of launching 3's early in the shot clock and work for higher percentage shots. You can get those shots anytime. Agree with you. Barring key injures, should challenge for a tournament slot. If we do, hope we don't draw IU. They are going for the national championship this year and believe they have a great shot. Just ask them. Fricking clowns.
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    One other thing in favor of Matta going into this season besides his well documented background was that he had been a season ticket holder and knew what was missing from the team last year, what talent he had to keep and what holes he needed to fill. I don’t buy it that he wasn’t being recruited by Collier long before the season ended and LaVal’s destiny wasn’t set as far back as December.
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    From what I saw at practice they are definitely playing with more pace and hunting rebounds better—of course size will do that. Hunter has a mature floor leader feel and seems very willing to pass the ball—but will take the shot if he has it. So ready for the air to not get dribbled out of the ball. Thing I liked best? A ton of chatter and communication in scrimmage. Feels like that’s been missing. The overseas trip will pay all kinds of dividends starting with connectedness.
  12. SCbulldogsfan4life

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    I don't know much about Thad, but I highly doubt he would have come back if he weren't ready to coach a BE basketball team and weren't fully committed to the job. I get some of the mainstream skepticism, but he's accomplished so much in such a short period of time that he already deserves the benefit of the doubt at this point. Plus Butler has always been adept at experiencing success while flying under the radar, so low expectations really don't bother me. It's par for the course.
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  15. Cranjis McBasketball

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    Who wrote this??

    “Bates.. regressed during his Wolfpack career.”

    “Manny Bates will have to step up his game considerably from his lackluster play at NC State if the Bulldogs are to reach a level worthy of an NCAA at-large bid”

    Lol the dude must have looked at his stats from last year (played 1 minute) and been like “man this guy take a HUGE step back, he was benched the whole year”

    What a clown.

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    No way do I see us starting 4 guards and a post player. Call Luko a wing if you want, but I still think we start a second forward. My assumption would be Ali, but I really haven’t been hearing much about him.

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  17. Lukas Harkins

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    I wrote this on Patreon yesterday but Ali is pretty much as advertised. Good size, a multipositional defender, can stretch the floor, and does a nice job in the intermediate area. He'll probably be among the top scorers. I'd project Hunter, Harris, Lukosius, Ali, and Bates as the starting five right now (my projection, not a byproduct of anything I've been told) with Taylor, Tate, Hughes, and Wilmoth as the core reserves. Could easily see Taylor/Lukosius swapping, but that's how I lean right now.
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  18. estar20dawg

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    So where does that leave Pierce? Because, watching him, he is the spark plug, energy guy who can fill a bunch of roles? I fear if he isn't given the opportunity he might look elsewhere, which would be just a shame since I still think he has some of the highest upside of anyone, especially now with Matta
  19. bumba

    bumba Well-Known Member

    Agree, I don't know who will start at the 4 but I doubt it will be Simas. Nothing against him but simply too small to guard BE 4's.
  20. DawgDude

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    Three that may surprise a lot of people are Wilmoth, DJ Hughes and Pierce Thomas.

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