What if LaVall Jordan was in his 8th year?

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by bmradio99, Feb 1, 2021.

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    2014–I’ve always wondered how they determine most experienced team—do you happen to know the criteria?
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    – The experience value is in terms of years of college experience where a player’s eligibility class is assumed to determine this. For the purposes of the calculation, a freshman has zero years of experience, a sophomore has one year of experience, etc.

    – Like the average height calculation, the experience calculation weights the experience of each player on the roster based on minutes played. Players that have played less than 10% of their team’s minutes are not included.
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    I think this makes some logical sense. Think about our offense- theres a lot of post/guard ball screens.

    We did SO much of that for Kamar last year. Think about what happens when you do that, the post’s defender follows the offensive post- and with kamar they’d hard hedge or blitz a lot. This would leave one post under the basket and usually a guard in help side.

    Now they’re not paying nearly as much attention to the guards because, well....would you? This means that they can just anchor guys down low and clog things up so our spacing is just catastrophic.

    I was watching our off ball defenders versus Marquette’s last night and almost every single guy off the ball is free throw line or below for Marquette because except for Bolden, they just don’t care if we shoot 3’s. They want to make drives tough for us. We’re easy to guard.

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