Who do you want for 2021?

Discussion in '2021 Recruiting Profiles' started by I Am Butler, Jan 9, 2020.

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    IHSAA officially cancels 2020 boy's tournament.
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    So with 4 seniors in ‘20-‘21 class of:
    1)Thompson, 2)David, 3)Nze, 4)Bolden and 2 commits in Taylor and Thomas we have two openings.

    Lights out shooter with one for sure and probably a Big to go with Golden, Coles, Mulloy, Wilmouth.

    Could use another to fill Tucker open scholarship or his scholarship if he comes back but would like to use that to get lights out grad transfer next year or sit one play one or two this offseason. Don’t like only one lights out shooter, especially when he is only a freshmen.
  3. seadawg

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    If the premise that Tuck will not return is true, my preference would be to stand pat and continue recruiting at the HS level. Poulakidas would seem to be a logical choice. Either Barnhizer or James is toss up. Any of those three could prove to be great additions. It would also tend add balance to class size.
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    Isn’t it kind of crazy that Butler returns 3/5 starters from a team that was top 5 in the country last year at one point and is automatically deemed to be a bottom 3 team in the big East next year... It rather goes to show 1. How important KB and Sean were last year to the team or 2. The overreaction in predictions for how next year will go. Obviously, scoring takes a big hit but there’s a lot of experience that will be returning. Next year will be very interesting to see which scenario turns out to be justified

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    At the start of 2019-2020, the Dawgs were destined for 8th in conference. With KB & SM. Pretty sure I don’t care what the media thinks (or my 4th margarita doesn’t care)

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  6. willisbrown

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    Next year will be interesting if only because there are so many wild cards. Ok, so you got AT, Golden and Nze. Hooray. But after that? 100% wild cards. Bolden-solid but will be fit in? David, Hastings....health. Freshmen...well, freshmen. It could go either way. These new guys could come in guns blazing and it could be lit. Most likely, it's a transitional year. bottom 3 finish is probably the safest prediction.
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