Who will Butler's coach be next year?

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by FRENCH DAWG, Dec 19, 2016.

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    Apparently Holtmann was first offered a seven year deal Tuesday evening and declined.
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    Si Senor. That and he wouldn't have total control in regards to his staff, lower salary etc. They came back after whiffing on everyone else and he bit.
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    Willis, you've gone over the edge on this one ... I think "scum-sucking dirtbag" would be more appropriate. Regards & best wishes. Have a great day.
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    This made me giggle, a lot. Thank you. It's nice to laugh in times of stress.
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    CTS will vote on a proposal in the fall. If they agree they will continue with a 100 year lease and be able to increase/enhance graduate and student programs and pay more money to professors because of revenues from the sale of land to Butler along with their $100 million endowment. Since CTS only uses about half of their class facilities it will allow Butler's College of Education to utilize the remaining space... Now some say blah blah blah to this, but as Butler and CTS merge it will certainly be an added academic benefit to promote in recruiting - see I got there. :)
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    Why are we waiting till next wk to introduce Lavall per Adam Zagoria? We can't wait that long with these recruits.
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    Agree. That makes zero sense.
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    Yeah it does seem odd if that's the case. I think they actually are scheduled to move onto campus next week, so that's when he's going to meet them in person anyway, but seems like a lot of time set up for negotiations. Maybe it's the staff he wants to get into place before then?
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    As committed recruits having signed an NLI (except reportedly Thompson) LaVall can have all the contact he wants. Guessing BU is asking them to at least meet with Vall before asking out of their NLI. That's gonna take a minute. They probably want to announce the HC and be able to say all their recruits are in the fold (hopefully). Should they get that all done sooner, then they'll announce sooner. There's always reasons behind what they do.
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    Yeah. "Getting the deal done" and "introducing the new coach" are separate things. The introduction is more of a public/official/media kind of thing, so I'm sure they're working on all the stuff you mentioned at this very moment.
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    I agree BUcheer but all the same let's lock the signees in the basement of Hinkle without their cell phones till they're enrolled and committed.
    Let's get this thing done and send the team off to Spain.
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    It can also be a clause in the UWM contract. Possibly to see if there's any OSU poaching too. Another reason is to let the non-private/prep school recruits concentrate on finals (need the GPA for scholie (sic)).
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    Staff will be crucial. No cheap stuff like Crone, Kamp, and Ron. Need real recruiters like Pedon and Schrage. Who cares if they have any Butler ties. Ron and two of those guys would be great with Kamp or Crone as Dobo .

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    I hear you, but think we need both Emerson and Brandon for the current guys.
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    The fact that Barry was willing to pony up $700,000 for LaVall's buyout when he could have hired Pedon or TJ for free has me optimistic because it shows he's willing to spend money for a cause he believes in.

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    Prior to last season I would have behind this hire, but it's that tough to overlook an 11-24 lone season as HC. Sure there's the arguments of UWM's depleted roster and coaching without own recruits, which won't change, yet LJ will now be expected to maintain the continuity that is Butler Basketball in a top 5 conference. He certainly has a high upside but seems to be a stretch in the current state of Butler basketball. Butler is not a stepping stone job, it's lost coaches to premier opportunities that most all in top 20 collegiate HC jobs would have taken. A long-term hire, with more experience now, could have also been had. LaVall would have been available and likely more prepared to make his dream job jump next go-round. Hope I get to eat my words!
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    He was a finalist the last time it was open and he only enhanced his resume since then. The one year he had at Mke was not good by any means, however, when you take time to see what occurred at Mke and that he had them playing in the championship game despite their lousy season says volumes. Add in what others who played or coached with him say about him, I'm excited for the future. Hope we don't lose too much in the transition and that he can fill his staff ...

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