Why Nate is good (long)

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by dawgs2014, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Insane Dawg

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    I guess my posts weren't changing Nate. No matter how much I pulled my hair out and threw things at the TV he still couldn't jump any higher nor go up strong and finish. It is what it is. Actually I'm considering not watching the games live and thus watching reruns.
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  2. bwesson15

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    He is getting to the free throw line more this year which is a plus. Last year he only shot 19 after shooting 49 the previous year. I really think after changing his body and losing weight he lost strength. His sophomore year he was pretty good at finishing at the rim and drawing fouls.

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  3. znelson15

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    I don’t get this post
    So the guy does simple small things ok but has no fire
    Doesn’t bring an edge to the team or has never ignited the team through leadership
    I have played college basketball and coached basketball
    I know the game in and out
    Yes he may do small things ok but those things with him have not lead to helping the team win
    I also watch a lot of big sky basketball living here in missoula and Nate would come of the bench as a backup For a lot of these big sky schools
    Great guy, butler guy, but not what we need
    End of story
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  4. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    How exactly does directly preventing points not help winning?

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  5. SRG

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    Nate was good today!
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  6. DawgFan

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    In the Indy Star coverage of the game today, it states, "Fowler, who attributed his previous shortcomings in part to a rigorous class schedule — he is studying for a double major in engineering and economics — that required him to take some classes at IUPUI last semester, was confident younger players such as Brunk would step up."
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  7. #60

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    I heard Fowler say the same at the post-game press conference. His statement (& LaVall's acknowledgement) reminded me that Butler does take the whole "student-athlete" paradigm seriously. Even--maybe especially--its men's basketball team.

    Maybe too many of us forget this factor when we watch some of these young men as they're struggling (not limited to Nate alone).
  8. BUcheer

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    Nate Fowler is Butler’s next best candidate to be an academic all american. Let’s hope his play from yesterday continues or improves so that he has enough credibility on the court side to match what he brings on the academic side.
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  9. Title

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    There's a big gap between 'good' and 'not completely useless' - and we have video proof
  10. dawgs2014

    dawgs2014 Well-Known Member

    There’s nothing I could have said that supports him being good more than you saying he’s not does, so thanks for that.

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  11. Eric

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    The Title seal of disapproval goes a long way in my book.

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  12. kmacker69

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    I've said it before and will again: There's a lot going on in these's young men's lives than we don't know. The fact that he had too heavy of a class load weighing him down makes a lot of sense now. Hope to see more of the "I'm getting a lot more shots up" Nate the rest of the season.
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