Why no Etherington?

Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by 740OHIOBulldog, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. 740OHIOBulldog

    740OHIOBulldog Active Member

    I understand vs. Texas, but why didn't Agent Zero get some run tonight? I also would like to have I am a supporter of Holtmann so do not take my post as I am not.
  2. DawgFan14

    DawgFan14 Active Member

    I thought he should have gone in for Martin in OT, but other than that, I was fine with him not getting any PT.
  3. ndfan1993

    ndfan1993 Active Member

    Who does he go in for?
  4. butlerfan

    butlerfan New Member

    We have to get more depth/rotation for next season. Spring is critical in the transfer market.

    Martin/Davis/Wideman is a good class. Etherington will probably be back as reserve. I haven't heard anything otherwise. But playing 5 and half guys in the NCAA tournament isn't really conducive to winning a National Championship.

    If Chris doesn't think the bench is ready, that's his call...but the staff knows it has to develop a rotation if this program wants to get to the TOP of the mountain.

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