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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by SameGirl, Mar 2, 2018.

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    I was thinking that if only the student body was a little more creative, BU could easily be #1.:D
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    "A small private school in the Midwest without a major football program has slowly worked its way up the college basketball hierarchy with consistently strong records and NCAA tournament appearances to finally become a member of the Big East. What a feel-good story! The only problem is that it was Xavier’s first."

    Here is the writer's argument in a nutshell:
    (1) Butler fans are terrible because Butler went to back-to-back Final Fours but Xavier had been to an Elite Eight first. (Puzzling line of reasoning there.)
    (2) Butler fans are terrible because they talk about how well coached the teams have been (the last 2 real Butler coaches are (a) the best basketball coach in the world (arguably 2nd best, I guess); and (b) a front runner for national coach of the year)

    To even bring up Xavier when dismissing Butler's Final Fours makes it pretty obvious one of the writers is from Ohio, went to X, or is an X fan generally.
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    I'm pretty sure the Thrillist is based out of Cincinnati isn't it?? I could be wrong, but pretty sure the odds are that the writer is either from Cincy, went to Xavier or both
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    It sounded to me that he just had a personal grudge against some teams and made a list of the others, just to jab at them... But I can see this one linked at us from X fans for years to come. :rolleyes:
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    Man, National Runner-Up again.
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    Wait...Jerry Palm has a side gig writing for Thrillist under the assumed name Matt Meltzer?
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    No. It was founded and still run by Ben Lerer, who is a partner at a VC fund run by his dad Ken Lerer called Lerer Hipeau Ventures. We work closely with LHV. They specialize in media... other partner Eric Hippeau was CEO of HuffPost, Jonah Peretti the CEO of BuzzFeed is an advisor, etc.
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    Thanks for the info

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    It appears there is indeed a Jeffrey J. Zanotti in Cincinnati. I'll bet $100 bucks this guy is not only a Xavier grad but also Ohio State football fan, a group that makes IU basketball fans seem rational and timid.
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    I mean, just reading the blurb about Butler, about 90% of it is basically saying that Butler isn't very good, literally says they lucked into back to back national title games (not sure how do that completely on luck), and then goes onto say that Butler's fans believe their players hustle more and think their teams are well-coached. Do fans of other teams believe their players are a bunch of talented, lazy a-holes who are still great despite how moronic their head coach is?

    I'm not going to pretend we don't have our obnoxious fans. Every fanbase does. But this literally looks like it was written by a Xavier fan (which is fine, it's all opinion anyway), and Butler's obnoxiousness is incredibly mild when compared to Kentucky's fans, who were sending death threats to a referee after they lost in the tournament last year to North Carolina.
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    Yeah Butler as #2 on this dumb list is laughable compared to the insanity of UK or IU fans.
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    Why are we even clicking/discussing/supporting this drivel?
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    Clearly there are X ties with the author(s) but I do agree that Maryland fans are obnoxious. I remember them chanting “You are ugly!” at Purdue’s Haas last year. Also Ravens fans are obnoxious too.

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    The same reason we’re always here... to avoid reality...

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