Xavier Musketeers (10-2, 3-2) at Butler Bulldogs (5-8, 4-6), Saturday, 1/30, 5:30 PM EST (FS1)

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    This is welcoming if accurate and 100% oppo of every mention of him I have talked to folks about. I hope this is true because even at 10 mins/game it's a relief that's needed. I don't expect much, but a few tough minutes a half in our situation makes a world of difference.
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    Xavier will be without freshman wing and starter Colby Jones due to Covid protocols. They will have 1o roster guys available excluding Jones, Daniel Ramsey, and Ben Stanley. Ramsey is practicing but has yet to be cleared to play in games, and Stanley is out for the season with a ACL injury. The team has been practicing at 100% since last friday.
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  3. pjohnsto2003

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    Not to mention some additional senior leadership. There is a lot of value in this.

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  4. jeff

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    I don't doubt it's accurate, the question is what does LaVall mean by "about ready".
  5. ChiDawg3

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    Alright, with the good news of CD returning, only a ONE day Covid postponement, THINGS ARE LOOKING UP as we take on our hated conference rivals for the first time this year. Let's take a look at some stats that will allow you to be factually correct with any debate you get in with an X fan. (Or you can at least yell at the TV when Alex Faust & Casey Jacobsen get it wrong on FS1.)

    • Butler is 4-2 at Hinkle Fieldhouse this season.
    • Tuesday at UConn, Bryce Golden became the seventh different Bulldog to lead the team in scoring this season.
    • Golden posted career-highs of 19 points and five three-pointers at UConn.
    • SOMEHOW Butler committed only eight turnovers Tuesday at UConn, its fifth game this season with single-digit turnovers.
    Bryce Nze ranks second in the BIG EAST at 8.2 rebounds per game.
    • Nze has pulled down a total of 46 rebounds over his last four games (including 14 twice).

    Jair Bolden is second in the BIG EAST at 2.9 three-pointers per game.
    • Bolden has led the Bulldogs in scoring in five of his 13 games in a Butler uniform.
    • Both Nze (978) and Bolden (950) are approaching 1,000 career points.

    • With 418 assists, Aaron Thompson is now sixth on Butler's career list.
    • Thompson shot 4-of-9 at UConn Tuesday, his first game this season shooting less than 50 percent from the field.
    • Four different Bulldogs have posted 20-point games for Butler so far this season.
    • Only three Bulldogs have appeared in all 13 games this season.
    • Four of Butler's top eight players in minutes played this season are true freshmen and the freshmen have scored 37 percent of Butler's points so far this season.

    • Butler has attempted a total of only 11 free throws over the last two games. Golden and Wilmoth each attemped two free throws vs UCONN and each made both (100%)

    Historical Context:
    THE SERIES: Of its BIG EAST opponents, Xavier is Butler's most-played opponent. The series dates back to 1937 and includes time together in the Midwestern Collegiate Conference and a single season in the Atlantic 10 before both programs joined the BIG EAST prior to the 2013-14 season. Butler has won the last three meetings in the series, but Xavier has a 41-23 series lead. In games at Hinkle Fieldhouse, Butler holds a 17-14 advantage.

    Xavier Leads, 41-23
    Streak: Butler, W3
    At Hinkle Fieldhouse: Butler Leads, 17-14
    LaVall Jordan (at BU) vs. Xavier: 3-3
    First Meeting: Xavier, 28-26; 1/16/37 (at XU)
    Last Meeting: Butler, 72-71; 3/7/20 (at XU)

    Nothing like playing at Hinkle:
    Butler is 4-2 this season at Hinkle, as the Bulldogs are averaging eight more points per game in the team's six home games compared to the team's six true road games (67.0 to 59.3). Aaron Thompson averages 15.0 points per game with an 18/6 assist/turnover ratio at home (10.0 ppg; 14/10 a/to on the road). Bryce Nze is shooting 51 percent at Hinkle, averaging 12.7 points per game (6.5 ppg; 37-percent shooting on the road).

    Protect the Rock:
    Butler is third and the BIG EAST and 45th nationally, averaging only 11.5 turnovers per game. Butler had only eight turnovers at UConn Tuesday, the team's fifth single-digit turnover output of the season through 13 games. The Bulldogs turned the ball over only seven times in 45 minutes of play in the Jan. 16 win over Creighton. The Bulldogs committed only six turnovers in the Jan. 6 win over Georgetown, matching the team's fewest turnovers in a game so far this season.
    Butler has committed 10 or fewer turnovers in 52 of the 112 games that LaVall Jordan has been head coach at Butler.

    A Little Love for BG:
    Junior Bryce Golden posted a career-high 19 points Tuesday night at UConn. That included five three-pointers. It was his first time this season leading the Bulldogs in scoring, as he became the seventh different Bulldog to pace the team.
    Golden entered Tuesday's game with 12 career three-pointers, having hit two in a single game twice last season. His 11 made three-pointers in 2019-20 were the most of a returning player on this season's roster.

    Beat PROV 74-73 1/10
    Beat SJU 69-61 1/6
    LOST to HALL 85-68 12/30
    Avg 78.8 ppg
    Allowing 69.6 ppg

    I can't wait for this one. There is nothing like beating X to make you feel better about your season. We are going to need to contain Feeemantle (15.8 ppg) keep Carter off the boards (avg 8.0 rpg), and lock down Scruggs from creating offense (6.3 apg).

    Enjoy the game, Go Dawgs!!!
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  6. willisbrown

    willisbrown Well-Known Member

    It would be the first accurate thing Woods has said in a long time...

    I kid, kinda. But for once he didn't get it from around here.
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    is it bad that this sounds like a luxury
  8. ChiDawg3

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    It really does. We will take what we can get this year. Playing the best 7 out of your 10 is a lot different than playing the best 7 out of 8.
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  9. willisbrown

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    Looks like the line has opened at X -2.
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    What do you think Willis? After 20 days off, X could win or loose by 15. If I were a betting man, I’d take the points.
  11. Cranjis McBasketball

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    The biggest difference is that during our 20 days off, we only had 1 practice before a game. Meanwhile, X will have had 7 full days of practice out of 15 days off. I was hoping for an easy win with X being rusty but I don’t think that will be the case.

    I also don’t think X had >50% of the team infected like we likely had.

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  12. UDDawg

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    Hahahaha. Seems to be a parody account, but still a funny visual.

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    That happened to a team I was on in real life pre-cell phones being common. We were playing in a tournament at Ohio State and we had dinner at McDonalds before an evening game.

    We left and started driving to the gym. When we were a few miles down the road we realized we left someone in the bathroom. So we quickly turned around and drove back, ultimately finding him running up the median of a four lane highway.

    Guessing a person or two on this board might remember that.

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  14. willisbrown

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    I made the mistake of riding Mich St after a long pause last night...we see how that turned out. BUT, we are pretty awful and have hardly any working bodies. I expect an X win and cover. I'm not gonna touch it. I don't have a lick of confidence though after how we looked Tuesday. But...we'll see. Probably a close game as usual between us.
  15. Xer4ever

    Xer4ever Member

    Completely agree! Between Butler Freshman minutes and X three weeks without a game, we have two boxes of chocolate and both teams with coaches still trying to earn their chops. Hoping both teams play well with no injuries.
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    I expect to see us come out with much more heart, emotion and fight tonight, which will be a welcome sight. But, seeing that may make me more disappointed in what we saw against UConn. I know there are reasons for it, but it's still disappointing and frustrating to see.

    Ok, now that I have that off of my chest, I've flushed that game and am looking forward to tonight. I would hope not many X fans are able to find their way into Hinkle tonight. I also hope the small number of us there can make some noise. Go Dawgs!!

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  17. WestLoopDog

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    I'm looking forward to seeing the replay of Baldwin's game-winning shot from last year during the pre-game discussion. In a tough year, it's always nice to remember that "one for the ages."
  18. CMG

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    Expect a wild card in this one

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  19. ButlerNut

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    Here you go...

  20. Ignatius J. Reilly

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    Is Tucker finally eligible????
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