Xavier Musketeers Look Alikes 2019

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    Editor's Note: Apparently, there's a limit of 10 media pieces per post, so I'll have to add this in waves.

    It's rivalry weekend and as such, I've decided to take this rivalry up a notch.

    Believe it or not, X fans are as despicable as the players they put on the court. Shocker, I know! So, I felt it was only fitting to shed a bit of light on the trolls who captain their social media ships and hide behind anonymity like the big boys and girls that they are.

    But no more. I present to you the first fan look alikes.

    First up is "Mac."

    Of course, your family hates you, you cheer for X. At least he realizes that he has a problem.

    [​IMG] "Mac" and Conan O'Brien [​IMG]

    Presented without comment.

    Next up is Bobbie Jo Raines.

    Her biggest claim to fame is that her daughter recently got engaged at an X game (has to be better than the product on the court).

    At least she has a firm grasp on her team this year.

    [​IMG] Bobbie Jo Raines and Jon Benet Ramsey's mom (and likely killer or accomplice after the fact) Patsy Ramsey [​IMG]

    Next, let's meet Chris aka ChrisBacon29.

    He also accepts the truth.

    Who dat?

    I think Hanky McSpanky will be rudely introduced to Mr. Joseph Brunk come Sunday.

    Sadness. Disappointment. Xavier.

    [​IMG] Bacon Boy and Tim Tebow [​IMG]
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    ButlerGoalie Well-Known Member

    Alex Gates. I love it when they turn on their own.

    He has an odd fetish for ice cream snacks.

    And like any X/Bengals fan, he needs to ease his pain.

    [​IMG] Alex Gates (notice how he has a picture from Hinkle in his profile shot - he secretly aspires to be like us) and SyFy and Travel Channel Personality Josh Gates (no relation?) [​IMG]

    Allow me to introduce Michael Murphy. Like so many of the X coaches before him, he has a problem with growing hair.

    He's also a Trumpster, so I'll simply say that he basically retweets all of the President's wacky wack and the greatest hits from his cronies. But he apparently also has a bit hard on for the Pope...so we get some odd disconnects like these.



    Yeah, he's got some issues.

    [​IMG] Mikey and actor Matt Lucas [​IMG]

    And then there's "Punch_of_Donkey"

    I don't know, maybe it's you. Ol' Donkey Punch describes himself as "The most cerebral hillbilly you will follow."

    A real ladies' man this one.

    Although he does fancy himself an artist.

    [​IMG] Donkey Punch and Cousin Eddie [​IMG]

    ****ter's full!
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    We couldn't forget their beat writer Shannon Russell. I wish I could find something about her personality, but all she tweets about is X basketball. It's like she's obsessed or something.

    And X alum

    And their daily activities. Stalker much?

    Although she did post this non-X tweet.

    [​IMG] Shannon Russell and Maisie Williams (WINTER IS COMING!) [​IMG]

    And finally, the creme de la creme. The man behind Banners on the Parkway (what banners again?) Brad Dobney. Sadly, his twitter account is private.


    What's he hiding from? Well, there is that whole scandal thing... https://www.mydaytondailynews.com/data/news/dobney-investigation/

    "Investigators found Brad Dobney updated his Xavier University sports blog “Banners on the Parkway” and visited other sites on 84 occasions from August 2011 through October 2012. His last blog post went up an hour and a half before his computer was confiscated as part of the investigation. A forensic analysis of the computer found he spend more than 13 hours editing three posts to the website in August and October 2012 during hours he was paid to work."

    Of course, with the nororiety and all, there were apt to be a few pictures out there.

    [​IMG] Is it me or does he look like Chris Mack's love child?


    He does, but to me, I think he's closer to Brad Meltzer.


    As always, GO DAWGS!!!
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    Shannon Russell is the actual worst. She wrote an entire article about JP Macura being misunderstood because of an arrest stemming from a fake id.

    Ummmm....I think its because they found out the guy with his pants off was using a fake, but not according to her!

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    You actually had my laughing out loud in public and in a place I shouldn't be laughing...I've got tears in my eyes...

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    You are amazing; made my evening!!

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    Love this so much. Didn’t think we’d get a Brad Meltzer wresting look a like.

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    As usual Goalie, you’re on FIRE!
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    My God “Mikey” looks like every dumb, uneducated, redneck hick Trumper.
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    Goalie, every week you up the bar on your LAL. This was amazing! The amount of research you must have done. Well done sir!
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