Your depth chart next year with the players we know, what's exciting, what's scary?

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  1. GO_DAWGS!

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    Ok, not that I've given up on Depaul or 'Hall game, but I need to start thinking about next year for my sanity...and since there seem to be some pretty good basketball minds on here, and everyone knows the team well give me....

    -Your predicted depth chart?
    -What excites you?
    -What scares you?

    1 - Barlow Aldridge Volovic
    2 - Dunham EB* Morgan Bennet Kampen
    3 - Jones* Martin
    4 - AC Wildman
    5 - Woods Berry

    *I think Jones and EB both end up playing some backup PG.

    What excites me...

    -The 2 & 3. I like the thought of Dunham, EB, Jones and Martin for the depth in those positions. Lot of talent there, and I think you can mix and match all these guys around at those positions. I really wish Morgan would develop(if he's still here). He is a 6'3" guy with more athleticism and quickness then just about anyone on the team...would be a nice skill set to have if he can get on board.

    Take the Creighton game for example. Woods had to played the 3, they didn't have to guard him, and he went 1/8 from the field. That clogs up the middle being able to sag like they did, and you get no pts from the position. If you had Kellen, Jones, Martin, or Brown in there at the 3 you can no long sag and have to pay attention to that guy. Tell Kam to play good defense, get rebounds, block a couple shots and get put backs as we get some needed offensive from other places.

    Getting Jone's defense back is going to be big as well, he was our best on-ball defender

    -I think Berry is really going to develop over the summer, and I really like what I've seen so far. The kid can shoot, looks oddly comfortable and relaxed, hits foul shots, and well, he's 6'10". He's played about the same minutes Smith did as a freshman. He will never be Andrew's size, but the kid has a baby face and I think if he works at it, he can put on some bulk and definitely get stronger.

    -Having a guy that weighs over 240. Will be a freshman, and is 6'7" but at least we will have SOME bulk.

    What scares me most...

    -No 6'8" or bigger bulk down low. Seems like every BE team has a slightly talented guy, who is 6'11" and 250lbs. While they haven't tended to be big scorers, it sure helps a bunch on the boards and on defense to have that guy.

    -No backup PG. Barlow, talent wise, has not the quickness or athleticism to be a Big East PG(neither does Aldridge), but one could argue he is one of the most important, and best players on this team game in and game out. I am absolutely fine rolling with Barlow as the starter. He plays great defense, hustles more than anyone, runs the offense better than anyone, and is becoming a better shooter. That all said, he can't be forced to play 33 minutes a game. Our offense tends to fall apart without him, and with our team defense struggling, can't ask him to guard an opposing quick PG all game successfully either.

    Bonus: If we have two scholarships...

    I'd take...either a 6'10"+ guy that is 250lb+ OR or a quick, athletic 6'1"+ PG.....neither seems overly likely, but a guy can dream.
  2. cornette33

    cornette33 Well-Known Member

    1. Barlow...who knows after that.
    2.Dunham, Brown
    3. Rose, Kelan
    4. Andrew C, Kam, Berry
    5. Kam, Wideman...hopefully a transfer.

    If I were coaching I would not renew Jackson's scholly. He does not give this team anything of note. He barley plays. We need to get another better back up point guard. I am fine w/ Barlow starting. He has played well defensively. He brings some offense and I think he will get better this summer. He is vastly underrated.

    Morgan I don't believe will stick around.

    What excite me... Kelan Martin. We desperately need a big wing who can shoot a jumper and slash to the hoop. Hayward was great at that. That is when we were at our best.

    Not overly sure on Berry. He does not look that athletic. Of course I hope he improves. It would be much needed. I did see some of his HS tape but not that much. Do you have to question in general who ranks these players? Did Berry play against that great of competition?

    I think Rose will improve the overall team D.

    What scares me...SIZE

    Everyone in the BE is huge. Even the walk ons seem big...Maybe that is an overstatement. Would be awesome if we could find a 6"10 C transfer. Andrew Smith not being on the team is huge. He was a big part of our overall defense.
  3. butlerfan

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    Way too early to predict....I sense massive changes coming. I am predicting 5 new faces plus Jones back.
  4. ndfan1993

    ndfan1993 Active Member

    You also have to remember Berry missed an entire year due to his injuries....the fact that he is no worse than Kam Woods who is going into his 4th year with the program says something.

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