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Discussion in 'Butler Basketball' started by Staxawax, Apr 3, 2017.

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    This whole thread has gone weird. Posters on the Butler basketball message board referring to UNC as "we" after they just won the National Championship against Gonzaga. Hypothetically that is like Butler beating Duke in the National Championship game and me going to the Kansas State Message board to defend my teams win. Of course you're going to get push back.......
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    Only one poster used "we" and he's a lifelong Butler fan who is currently a student at UNC, so I won't begrudge his use of it. You'll never find me using "we" to refer to any of the teams I follow because I haven't laced up in years.

    If you don't recognize that the Butler fan base has a lot of people with split loyalties, I don't know what to tell you, but it's only going to get worse as the program continues its incredible upward climb.
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    I grew up a crazed Illini fan and have strongly disliked UNC since 2005. Partly because they beat the team I cheered for but, mostly because of the "paper classes" crap that went down.

    NCJon, I give you props for thinking that '05 title should be vacated, but it kinda almost makes my blood boil.

    Maybe it's just me yet, I just can't cheer for two teams. I don't get the "I want IU/UNC/<insert school here> to win!" mentality. I was raised on Illini bball (and yes it helped that we made our runs while U of I went down the tubes) however; I could care less about what they do now.... It's 100% Dawgs or nothing.

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    I don't think anyone is suggesting that current players (or those not involved in fake classes) should have a shadow over their accomplishment. But Roy Williams and his staff for many years benefitted from players enrolled in classes/majors that were known to be sketchy. Did Ol Roy himself know the extent? Probably not. But he was at least aware enough that it looked bad when 10 of his 15 players were enrolled in the same major (that included the fake classes) and asked an assistant to diversify the players chosen majors. You would think that would be the end, but no, his players (fewer numbers) continued to be enrolled for a few years. Would be interesting to know which players still participated, wouldn't it?

    I will continue to be jaded about Williams. He may be a great coach and a compassionate father figure to his players, but I'm guessing he is also a flawed man in regards to what at the time he thought he had to do to compete at the highest level.

    Here's an article that talks about Roy's response when the Wainstein Report was released:
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    Tar Heels........Still makes me vomit.

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  6. NCJon

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    I had assumed it was intentional given previous comments of yours I've seen about Carolina.

    Like I said above, I don't care if folks dislike UNC. It's no skin off my back. It is fascinating, though, to see how the ABC (anybody but Carolina) crowd has grown beyond the ACC footprint in the past few years.
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    It's "fascinating" that people don't like a school that cheated for 20+ years and has still yet to be punished for it?
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    Because the fans are becoming almost as bad as Dook fans... Present company excluded. That whole self riotous us against the world, even though our "Stuff" don't stink attitude gets pretty old... Yeah, it starts to come off that way, even when you personally are not nearly as bad as a lot of the guys down here... (I really love the ECU football fans that switch to UNC for BB?!?! You were just chanting "who's State, our state" after beating UNC last year?)

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