Zeb Jackson - 2020 Point Guard (Michigan)

Discussion in 'Recruiting Archive' started by Jared Grubbs, May 3, 2018.

  1. TheDawgDub95

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    Clearly, I have no idea, but it seems like Rocket Watts going to Michigan State was the domino that set this course in motion to Michigan, if that's where it ends up. Performance on the floor, this year, is going to be very important. I think players really like Lavall but it's going to take more than just making the Tournament for us to win in these situations vs the bridesmaid scenario.

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  2. bumba

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    The dominoes are starting to fall early in this class. If Zeb chooses a school outside the BE, we did all we could to land him. I'd hope Tyler Beard is the next 2020 PG the staff would be all in on.
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  3. JCA 2013

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    As someone who follows UM closely (childhood fandom), I think the D.J. Carton commitment to OSU is really what set in motion. It seems like in retrospect that they just loved him individually, but didn't need a PG. There focus immediately turned towards 2s and 3s and oddly Watts didn't seem like as big of a priority. They ended up getting a "who?" 2-star from Washington who blew up and ended up in the Top 100 to a few of the recruiting services.

    There was also a note on 247's Michigan board that indicates the program feels they are going to get Zeb on Tuesday. One interesting point they made was that OSU and MSU were told they were out, but not Butler. That may be them not having contacts at Butler, but I do think it is good that it seems like BU would have been the next choice, not OSU and MSU. More proof that LaVall and staff have serious recruiting chops.
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    Zeb’s been liking a ton of MI related tweets in the past couple of weeks. Val is going to resonate with kids from Michigan and kids who are in the MI style of players—there are going to be many head to heads with them moving forward and confident we will win some of those.
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  5. Insane Dawg

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    Michigan makes sense for being from the Toledo area
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    And that his AAU coach is Zavier Simpson's dad, so he's going to speak positively about Michigan as well.
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    Brian Snow confirmed in his article today that Butler was the school that Jackson almost commit to this summer. So that’s fun.
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  10. Irishdawg

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    No surprise here, and hopefully Butler's able to land one of their other main targets (which seem to be pretty expansive).
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    As I said earlier, "it's early."
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    Frustrating to see see a top 75 prospect about to commit to the dawgs but then to commit elsewhere with the “better” program with the “brighter” lights and “bigger” state if that’s indeed what he was looking for. But do you expect anything different being a dawgs fan? With that being said we’ll adapt and overcome just like we always have and will always do.

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  14. Dewars12

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    Say what... The kid and his family decided to go elsewhere... It doesn't have to be a slight to your perception, or even reality; regarding Butler and the bright lights or whatever... Butler is a historically solid to excellent program over the last 15 years or more and being in the BE adds to that. Please get it in your head, Butler has earned and is accepted into the playground realistically looking at and having a shot at the A team kids..
  15. ButlerGoalie

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    Not surprising. Wish Zeb well at Michigan. Very interesting things in play though. Was on verge of committing to us, then his dad allegedly talked him out of it. Then he calls off Butler official visit and commits to Michigan. Very odd. I hope it’s not a case of father wanting more.

    I guess we shall see. It’s sad but if this is the case, this could be one of those transfer situations. Time will tell.

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  16. the_speakers_lab

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    No participation trophies or silver medals in recruiting... onto the next one
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    While it would have been great to see Zeb in a Butler uniform; I believe it would have been much worse if he had gone ahead and committed to Butler this past summer only to de-commit later on. Not saying he would have done that, but it certainly would have been a possibility.
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  18. bumba

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    Wouldn't it be fun if BU & UM both got invites to PK85 since they're both Nike schools and the '20 PG we sign gets to guard Zeb?
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  20. estar20dawg

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    Just so we don't forget what he can do for us...


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