Last Chance To Claim Points From Old Forums

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jared Grubbs, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. Jared Grubbs

    Jared Grubbs Administrator Staff Member

    When the forum software was upgraded the "money" each member had earned did not carry over. Because of this I have to look up the old point balance for everyone and manually adjust it. I have already done that for many of you. If I have not, please post here and request that I do so. I feel comfortable that this new software is working out great so I'm about to take down the old software so the server doesn't have to run both of them. It will only exist in backup files, and I won't be restoring those anywhere just to find someone's points.

    I realize that at the moment there is nothing to "buy" with these points, but that will change in the not too distant future. So this is the last chance to request that I transfer your points if you want them.
  2. SRG

    SRG Active Member

    Please bring em over.
  3. jal8908

    jal8908 Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Thanks for the reminder, please transfer mine over.
  4. schoops

    schoops Well-Known Member

    I have no idea if I had any money...i think in the tournament i bet it all on each game.

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  5. godogs91

    godogs91 Well-Known Member

    Please move anything I might have had. Thanks!
  6. ConnersvilleBulldog

    ConnersvilleBulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Please transfer my money (if I had any). Thanks!
  7. butlerdude05

    butlerdude05 Active Member

  8. joliebeth23

    joliebeth23 Well-Known Member

    Sure, transfer!
  9. #60

    #60 Well-Known Member

    I don't think I have any money from the old account, but if I do, please transfer it.
  10. Danville Bulldog

    Danville Bulldog Well-Known Member VIP Member

    Please transfer my points. Many thanks.
  11. oldstyle1908

    oldstyle1908 Active Member

    Please transfer mine!
  12. Jared Grubbs

    Jared Grubbs Administrator Staff Member

    All of you had points on the other system and it has been transferred over. I'm caught up as of this post.

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